Wolverine Airsoft MTW Platform Launched!

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Modular Training Weapon launched during SHOT SHOW 2018

Wolverine Airsoft MTW Platform Launched!

First big reveil at Shot Show 2018 is the new Modular Training Weapon from Wolverine Airsoft. They once again show to lead the way in HPA innovation. We have shot a prototype of this item during a private after party at Shot Show 2017. And it was IMPRESSIVE! We are finally able to talk about it and will tell you all about the final production model. Actually it's more like a platform! They claim it will be the perfect HPA Airsoft gun. 

Price point you wonder? It will be around 500-600 USD! Which is attractive :) 

The official announcement tells us: "The MTW platform is designed to be more than just a new product. It was created to be en entire ecosystem in which the customer can use all of our products we have developed over the past few years in seamless harmony.

No more modifications, no more aligment issues, no more low quality AEG bodies. This platform  truly takes pneumatic systems for airsoft to the next level as it unshackles them from the restrictions of being simple aftermarket modifications. Instead the MTW has been designed around all the incredible potential of our HPA technology."


PolarStar Airsoft F1 almost ready!

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Their answer to Wolverine Airsoft's SMP!

PolarStar Airsoft F1 almost ready!

PolarStar Airsoft's answer to Wolverine Airsoft's SMP, the F1 Drop-in HPA Engine is now in production. Whilst similar to the SMP it uses a separate nozzle and poppet and can be dropped to any AEG gearbox as there is the centerline and offset versions...

"Yes, that's right! The long awaited F1's are finally in production and are slated to be released in March.

F1 Center-line: $350.00
F1 Offset: $375.00

F1 will be slightly more air efficient than Jack..."


Wolverine Airsoft Inferno new HPA system

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Coming soon! #bringtheheat

Wolverine Airsoft Inferno new HPA system

HPA lovers, heads up: Wolverine Airsoft are about to release another HPA airsoft product, called "THE INFERNO" and here's some first information of this new system...

"While this does not tell you everything, here is a little more about the Inferno. A system which gives you ALL the options when it comes to upgrades and compatibility! More to come on the very exciting Spartan Technology, the latest innovation from Wolverine Airsoft. Stay Tuned!

On their official Instagram account: "Inferno will be just as efficient, durable, reliable, and robust as all of our products. It will be less expensive than Hydra because it has a simpler front end and therefore not compatible with as many gearboxes as Hydra. We would never lessen the quality of our products just to make them cheaper :)"

We will keep you updates when this news evolves... 


New Generation Airsoft HPA Systems

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Reviewed By Bingo Airsoftworks

New Generation Airsoft HPA Systems

Popular Airsoft informed us on a great Airsoft HPA systems video review. HPA-powered airsoft guns are experiencing a revival, and it's now a homegrown business in the USA. Also getting more and more popular in Europe. HPA-powered airsoft guns are early generation airsoft guns and if you are familiar with classic airsoft guns, you'll know that these were mainly HPA-powered until Tokyo Marui did away with reliance on tethered airsoft guns with the introduction of the AEG and established the standard for airsoft AEG gearboxes.

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