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590 FPS @ 1440 RPM!


What have they done at SYSTEMA? This hardly is related to Airsoft anymore...we call it AirMax.

Systema will release an exclusive version of their PTW series, the Mad Max series. They really pushed the limit on this one! This new protoype of the SuperMAX will produce 590 FPS @ 1440 RPM! Crazy :S Keep in mind these is an early prototype, so final specification is subject to change. They are pushing even higher velocity into the final version...

This is achieved by a 14.8V LiPo battery, new 7512 motor, M170 spring and gearbox tuning (o-ring, gears & cylinder). Continue reading to find more details on this beast!

We have always insisted that our P.T.W. is as much of a toy as it is a firearm.
Clear evidence shows our production product is capable of establishing records for the
highest round discharge capabilities.Furthermore, at this time we are releasing into the market a product that was believed to be the domain of the physically impossible; our [MAD MAX].
Because precision shooting requires a gentle parabolic orbit trajectory, a longer flight distance
is achieved when the HOP structure is the focus of Power.
General durability is essential to the engine area to maintain Power. Not just strengthening one part but the process of building up all the parts leads to maintaining high precision. And above all, high level of power proves ones advancement in technology. This is where our passion to pursue power is in our SYSTEMA products. We would like to introduce our parts from the [MAD MAX] lineup.

Special parts of the new SYSTEMA Mad Max:

  • MAD MAX Exclusive M170 Spring
  • MAD MAX Exclusive Stainless Horning Cylinder
  • O-Ring
  • MAD MAX Exclusive Cylinder Grease
  • MAD MAX Exclusive Gear Box
  • ・Planetary Gear
  • ・Sun Gear
  • MAD MAX Exclusive 7512 Type Motor
  • (as well as the 7512 Type Motor exclusive Grip)
  • Mad Max Exclusive Lithium Polymer 14.8V / 1400mAh 25C Battery


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