SYSTEMA - P.T.W. recoil model for sale

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Stunning retail price at 2500,- USD!

SYSTEMA - P.T.W. recoil model for sale

The most expensive Airsoft AEG is ready for sale. The new SYSTEMA PTW Recoil Model is currently distributed to dealers and will soon hit a retail store near you! Beware, this new model comes with a hefty price, with such a price it is only for a happy few around us and mainly aimed at military usage. Do know, the first time lot will be 1000 items only. Sales will be limited to the MAX2 / Ambi Model only at this time.

For those who are waiting for a challenge kit to drop the price. No luck yet, for now there is no challenge kit planned:

"We regretfully state that, for the Recoil Model, we plan to sell the finished product for the time being. We are sorry to those who wish to purchase the Challenge Kit. One of the reasons for our decision was the degree of difficulty it takes to manage the cable connections of the Micro Switch Device. Once we gather enough materials and information to complete a thorough assembly manual we may contemplate a release date for the Challenge Kit. We kindly ask for your patience."

So what's so special about this Recoil Model? Did you know the battery is now moved to the magazine? Continue reading to have a technical deep dive into this new SYSTEMA PTW Recoil Model

UPDATE: Magazine pricing is now known!
One magazine with built-in battery Retail price of the 135 USD.
Six pack magazines with built-in battery Retail price of the 670 USD.

UPDATE 2: First video footage added!

UPDATE 3: New video added!


SYSTEMA - Recoil shock P.T.W.

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Ready in Oktober 2016?

SYSTEMA - Recoil shock P.T.W.

SYSTEMA stops their factory lines, temporarily! In Juli, August and September the production lines of their current line-up stops, this to start mass production on their new so-called Recoil Shock P.T.W. This is a tentative name, however we are looking forward to get our hands on them. 

Not much is known yet. Availability will be around Oktober 2016. It will be a patented design and based on an electric mechanism. Maybe comparable to the BOLT BRSS? Let's wait and see, we keep you posted!


SYSTEMA 10 years special edition

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Celebration with a special edition model...

SYSTEMA 10 years special edition

Damn already 10 years! I am getting old. Back in 2004 we did our first review on the Systema rifle's. We were blessed to receive 2 M16 models to do a full blown review. Now Kumi mailed us with their special Professional Training Weapon (PTW) model to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the introduction of the PTW. Damn already 10 years! The lower receiver will have a special engraving indicating it is the 10th Anniversary commemorative model of which 500 pieces will be manufactured and made available globally.

For airsoft players, the Systema Engineering PTW line is what they call the Ferrari of airsoft guns, not only because of the cost but also of performance. Some highly-trained airsoft players always swear by the PTWs and the ability to customize PTWs with many commercial off-the-shelf parts from real steel parts manufacturers usually without the need for modification. Thus, most of the weapons accessories and external parts that Systema PTW users usually purchase can be readily used on real steel M4s and M16s.

Initially known for their high quality upgrade parts for airsoft guns, especially the Marui-compatible models and also complete AEGs based on Tokyo Marui's version 2 gearbox in the 1990s, Systema Engineering revealed the first PTW prototype during the SHOT Show 2003 though the actual production models of the first PTW was released in 2004. Specifically made to cater to Military and Law Enforcement training markets, the PTWs are very much precisely made to mimic the real steel AR in terms of weight and dimensions as these are truly 1:1 to meet training weapon specifications.


Systema strongest motor

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More information released!

Systema strongest motor

With the announcement of the Code Name: "KUMI" Motor from Systema Engineering which is the newest and greatest motor release for use with the PTW series, they further give us an update that there will be two types of motors that will be released under this code name which uses the name of the CEO of Systema. She has full faith that this motor series will resolve the issue(s) plaguing the old PTW motors.

There are two versions of our new motor.
 One resembles the 7511 type motor: "Code name KUMI 7511 Type".
The other, which is one of the more popular motor types for the P.T.W. line, based on the 490 type motor: "Code name KUMI 490 Type".

You may have already noticed, that the difference between the two motors is simply in the outer appearance and not in performance.
Future orders of the P.T.W. as well as Challenge Kits will all include the "Code name KUMI 7511 Type" motor.
 For those who have the 2012 model P.T.W. (and prior), may purchase the "Code name KUMI 490 Type" motor; and will be able to enjoy the performance of the new motor without having to purchase a new grip!


SYSTEMA PTW M4A1 "First Variant" Released

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Powersupply improvements!


SYSTEMA have made changes to their PTW making it more Lipoly ready with the switch capable of handling such battery. Better performance and improved powersupplies are on it's way. Furthermore, they also made it possible to quickly install and remove the battery on a BM-Type Stock Tube. As for the battery size, the stock tube can accommodate an 11.1v/1100MAH 30C and there would be no stress even the MAX 150 cylinder is used. We like! :)

Continue reading to learn more about this product and download the complete brochure (.pdf allert!).

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