NLAIRSOFT.COM Native app discontinued

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Focus on new mobile first website with push notifications!

NLAIRSOFT.COM Native app discontinued

On November 25th 2014 we released our native app for Windows, iOS and Android! By that time a big move forward for our news platform. Now heading to our fiftheenth year online and totally re-doing our website, we feel there is no need anymore for a native app.

Our new website will be launched this year. It will be mobile first and totally focussed on news and reviews. We can still provide push notifications for our visitors, those who are using FireFox and Chrome can already subscribe today on this new feature. The app still is in the app store, however in a disabled mode and will be removed soon.

With over 22 release cycles/updates and over 1500 downloads of the app it was quite a succes but not the succes we hoped for! The app featured breaking news with push notifications, reviews, events, youtube recommendations, socials feeds and must visit weblinks. All this will be replaced and improved on our new website. We will leave the Joomla! CMS platform and head over to the WordPress CMS!

Thanks for your supprot and see you around at !!

nla app disabled

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