IWA Airsoft Meetup 2017 is a go!

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Sunday March 5th 2017 1300H – 1600H. BE THERE!

IWA Airsoft Meetup 2017 is a go!

After SHOT SHOW we now focus on the next show, the second largest in the world. IWA in Nuremberg! You see a lot of airsoft manufacturers and gear makers, as well as firearms manufacturers all in one place will take place. The IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 is all set to welcome guests and trade visitors from all around the world from the 3rd to the 6th of March 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany.

For the airsoft industry and community, it is also another opportunity to gather together and update each other on what is happening, especially in terms of product development and commercial activities. Started in 2011, the Airsoft Meetup has been gathering together the airsoft industry, airsoft community, and the airsoft media under one roof and is growing each year. It's held in the Hong Kong conference room in the Nuremberg Messe.

As always we have various presentations from the companies that work hard to provide their customers and airsoft players products they think will enhance or give them a good airsoft playing experience. For the airsoft media, they can also sit and relax to get more information as compared to visiting their booths where the din and noise of such a large trade exposition will sometimes drown out the audio for their videos. At the Airsoft Meetup 2017, they will hear them loud and clear with more information prepared.

Apart from that, the awarding ceremonies of the 7th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards also takes place after all the speakers are done with the presentations. Awardees present will be given their awards from the largest airsoft event online where the community awards those industry and as well as community members who they think have provided an excellent product or service.

To attend the Airsoft Meetup 2017, airsoft visitors should have their invitations to visit the IWA Outdoor Classics via the airsoft exhibitors they know of. Once they get their IWA invite, they can then proceed to the Airsoft Meetup 2017 website to get your free tickets.

Details of the Airsoft Meetup 2017:

Airsoft Meetup 2017
IWA Outdoor Classics 2017
Hong Kong Room
Nuremberg Messe
Nuremberg, Germany
5 March 2017
1300H – 1600H

See you there!

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