PDI TM L96 AWS light outer barrel

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Tomo from PDI send in their latest news update, a new outer barrel for the Tokyo Marui L96 AWS. It's official name is the "light outer barrel". As we are used to with PDI, this item is high quality and all CNC machined. Check out the details below...


PDI TM L96 Light Outer Barrel

Here is our new product information for TM L96 AWS. It's called "LIGHT OUTER BARREL".

We know a problem if you change the muzzle,you need to extend the inner barrel or cut the outer barrel and do thread cutting cause original inner barrel doesn't be reached to muzzle. So we solve this one to make new shorter barrel. Of course,all CNC machined by MORISEIKI NL200YS


More information can be found at their website:

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