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The RWA NightHawk Custom AGENT 1 is here!


Limited to 99 pieces worldwide, this very well done airsoft replica by the RWA Group is now available from their dealers! As we had the chance to get our hands on it during IWA in March this year, we can clearly say: This gun is top notch! Agent Marck from the RWTV team takes a look at this masterpiece of a pistol.

Nighthawk Custom and Agency Arms have long been two of the most iconic licensed represented by RWA and both companies make some of the finest products in their respective categories. The two real steel companies seem to be on different spectrums and the thought of seeing both of them collaborate felt like something of a dream, but dreams do come true in the form of the Nighthawk Custom and Agency Arms cross collaboration project, the Agent 1.

The RWA Nighthawk Custom AGENT 1 is an ultra limited edition pistol with 99 pieces being made for world wide sale. This pistol is not only designed to be an airsoft gun you can play with but also as a designer piece you can take out and enjoy. Its crafted as close to a real steel pistol as any airsoft gun can possibly be and owning 1 of 99 puts any owner in a very exclusive club!!

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