Vorsk - New Airsoft Brand for Handguns

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Totally new range of GBB pistols for Airsoft

Vorsk - New Airsoft Brand for Handguns

Early December NUPROL Launched the new brand Vorsk; a new GBB pistol brand for Airsoft. Inspired by the finest and most advanced modern combat and competition handgun designs, Vorsk translates these unique and innovative concepts to the Airsoft market in the form of a totally new range of GBB pistols the company announced at their website. Their main focus: Effective, Elegant and Mission Ready GBB models at a fair price!

If you look closely, you may reconized that Vorsk is a brand that comes under the hood of NUPROL in the UK. The models are based on the WE/Raven series. Taking existing gun concepts like the Glock Series or the 1911s to the next level or lets say, a modern “twenty first century” look.

If you´re tired of all those standard airsoft stuff, Vorsk is maybe something that works out for you. Be sure the bring them a visit and check their current range at


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