Madbull: Socom Gear launches Barrett REC7 M4

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comes in 3 sizes, full markers, and more

Madbull: Socom Gear launches Barrett REC7 M4

We have just received word from Madbull about Socom Gear's new launch of the Barrett REC7 M4, full metal AEG.

This beast comes in the following sizes: 8.7", 10.5", 14.5" and displays full Barrett trademarks and laser engravings.

To top it all off, it has the following, quite impressive, feature set:

  • crane stock housing the batteries
  • Daniel Defense OmegaX Rail System
  • Fully Functional charging handle
  • Barrett's famous gas block
  • T6 aluminium body
  • full metal body, rail/barrel.

no word on prices as of yet, but I guess this will make a hefty dent in anyone's budget. Poland

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