Merry Xmas and a happy new year!

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Looking forward to 2014!

Merry Xmas and a happy new year!

2013 was a phenomenal year and we’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of cool things, as well as having a lot of fun in the process. Thanks to each and everyone of you for making this a great year for the NLAIRSOFT.COM website. We really enjoyed Airsoft in Holland didn't we? 
We are very excited about 2014, we have a lot more cool things in the making.

To our readers, sponsors, supporters, and friends in the airsoft industry thank you!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!




European Airsoft Association launches logo contest

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price pot to fuel rebranding step

The EAA today announced their plans to take a new step in roadmap, and decided to go for a rebranding.

Since to most of us in the community it is no secret that we have many, many talented people amongst us, the EEA also decided to launch a contest for the new logo design, so the logo can be sources straight from the community it represents.

Now, off course a contest is nothing without some nice prizes to win, and they have found quite a bit of help in the community once again:

  • JD Airsoft supplies a WE XDM 4.0 pistol
  • Airsoft Action Magazine donates a year subscription
  • Gunfire throws in a 11.1V LiPo 1200 mAh pack
  • Also from Gunfire: HDR Shield Tactical gloves
  • A mortus ultimate tactical mask (v2) by Gunfire
  • a 5.56 t-shirt from Gunfire
  • And last but not least:  3 bags of Rockets Professional BB's. 0.25g, 1KG also by Gunfire.

the competition runs until april 29th, and be sure to check out the guideliness on the EAA competition announcement.



ARES introduces M4 with programmable gearbox

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gearbox system with built in mosfet, also functions as safe LiPo cutoff

ARES introduces M4 with programmable gearbox

JAG Precision drew our attention to a new ARES product today, one that got our attention right away.

The new ARES M4e features a programmable gearbox, complete with integrated mosfet, and an automatic LiPo cutoff to keep your sensitive LiPo's safe. It also features a full cycle completion, to make sure the gearbox doesn't get stuck in an akward position.

The following programmable features are available:

  • Safe/Semi/Auto
  • Safe/Semi/Burst
  • Safe/Burst/Auto
  • Safe/Semi

but, that is not all, it also stocks the following external features:

  • Metal upper/lower receiver, barrel, buffer tube, front sight, carrying handle.
  • 1x Metal hi-cap magazine
  • Crane Stock (with rear-batter wiring)
  • Bolt-locking function for easy hop-up adjustment
  • Front sling mount

This AEG also comes with RVTS, so you can easily swap out the spring if needed, a tightbore barrel, and overload protection.

Be sure to click 'Continue reading' for the gallery!


Leon Sentinel Nine resident evil handgun at redwolf

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for all fans of the capcom resident evil fans

Leon Sentinel Nine resident evil handgun at redwolf

We just received word from Redwolf that the TM Sentinel Nine Leon Model is in stock!

Fans of the Resident Evil videogame series by Capcom will justifiably get quite excited about this news, as these limited edition collectables can really be hard to come by.

The gun itself is based on TM's 226 platform, and you know the TM platform is always a quality ccertainty.


ACP 601 prototype revealed from APS Conception

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hard hitting CO2 with match grade barrel

ACP 601 prototype revealed from APS Conception

From the desks of JAG Precision, reaches us the news about a prototype CO2 pistol from APS Conception.

APS Conception makes a number of bold claims with this gun, namely in the affordable department while maintaining excellent features and finish ( see gallery ). Essentially the pistol looks like a Glock, and I mean: on first glance I would say it's a glock. But when you look further you see a number of distuingishing things, lke the slide being ribbed on the front, the trigger is different, there is a bigger rail, and something I have not seen done in a glock sofar: a CO2 magazine.

The press release also tells us that there's a match grade inner barrel in the gun (meaning hopefully a 6.03mm or better barrel)

All in all, we at NLAIRSOFT.COM think that this could be an interesting gun, eventhough essentially it's a customized Glock on first glance. 

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