The Aisoft Claymore by Supercell is a very cool airsoft accessory for airsofters. Ours came pack nice and tight with no room for anything to break. With the same dimensions as the real thing, it has a great size and easy to carry and deploy. This landmine has a good weight and even though it is mostly rubberized plastic is does feels substantial solid. It comes with a full manual and a CD so that you can watch how everything should be done on your computer or DVD player, very cool for those who do not like to read instructions! Also a nice bag is included with the claymore mine. Remark we do a review on the VERSION 2 landmine, a VERSION 3 landmine will hit the markets soon.

The mine is spring powered and does not require any gas or batteries to operate. It has very few moving parts and nothing to break or loose accept maybe the safety pin but you could easily make another and the one supplied with the claynmore comes with a bright red ribbon so it is hard to loose! On the same key ring as the safety pin it comes with a trip wire pin. You stick it in the top of the mine and can run out a wire or cord for your enemy's to step on. When someone trips over the wire, it activates the mine and then flies off with the cord. That's what's really nice, it doesn't stay connected to the mine, so when someone trips the trip wire, the whole mine doesn't go with it. It simply breaks free and the mine delivers its charge for the kill!

Before loading you need to close up the mine. The cloth launcher inside folds neatly and the clam shell outer box latches closed and your can then ad the safety pin. There is a small bb feeder hole on the outside of one side that your can pour bbs directly into the mine, mix in some baby powder for added effect and you are ready to go. Easy and convenient set-up if you ask me. Esspecially the baby powder gives a nice extra effect.

Firing is easy! You can fire this mine manually or with a trip wire. Remotely with a hardwire detonator wired directly to the landmine or my favorite with the wireless key! The wireless detonator comes pre configured to fire two land mines at once :). The remote seems to have a range of around 50' and with the wireless remote you can also set up the trip wire as a back up so even if you have to retreat, advance, or get eliminated, you can still eliminate the enemy!

Rate of Fire
Well, Rate of fire on a Claymore i usually 1 explosion per its lifetime, but not this one! It's 100% reusable, and takes less than a minute to reload and set up! It's a very easy procedure, and you can master after the first time you use it.

It holds 200+ Airsoft 6mm BBs. But by no means do you need to use that many, 5-50 cover perfectly. It will shoot Airsoft .20 g bbs over 60 feet!!! Its spread is a 30-45 degree radius. It makes a pretty neat/loud POP noise when it shoots open, and scares everyone, even when they know it's going to happen. We also advice to use B-grade BB's and not the more expensive BB's. You will have the same effect but with cheaper BB's.

It's a landmine! If you can't hit someone with 200 bb's with a hidden device, then you should just quit airsofting. It doesn't really have any accuracy except for everywhere in front of it! If you set it up right, it will get the job done, and it can take out an entire squad. 200 BB's can hit a lot of people!

This is a great fun airsoft toy and will make you the hit at your next airsoft scrimmage!

We give it a 9 out of 10!

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