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SYSTEMA Professional Training Weapon series has launched in 2004 with the M16A3 model. PTW-series feature hiqh quality full metal body with 1:1 sizing, real A2-type stock, realistic takedown mechanism, quick-change cylinderical piston unit and real size magazines. This particular Systema PTW series are finished from stock to the muzzle hider as realisticly as possible. Receiver and outer barrel are aluminium, stock is real A2-type and grip has been specifically moulded to 1:1 size by designing new electric motor that is smaller size than ever. Hand guard is specially manufactured to make its appearance realistic. Takedown mechanism is much more realistic than in other electric guns in the market thanks to the newly designed gearbox. Even don't forget to mention the functioning of the rifle, they opperate like there real steal counterpart thanks to the new generation electric controled gearbox. Please read along, this review will handle the SYSTEMA M16 A2/A3 from top till bottum...

[Systema M16-A2/A3 PTW package]

[Systema M16-A2/A3 PTW out of the box]

[Systema M16-A2/A3 PTW the rifle ]

[Systema M16-A2/A3 PTW metal body and trademarks]

[Systema M16-A2/A3 PTW metal body ]

Facts and features
Let’s start with the facts of this rifle. What is this gun able to? These are the stock specifications listed in the SYSTEMA voucher and the additional manual supplied with the gun. You can find this manual at the end of the review. Later on we will see wether or not all these facts are true...

Product Name     Systema M16 Practical Training Weapon
Model Number     SYSTEMA M16 A2/A3
Weight     3300.0 gram
Length     1100mm
Barrel Length     509mm
Barrel Caliber     6.1mm
Bullet Capacity     120 BBs (MidCap), 30 BBs (LowCap)
Bullet     6mm BB
Initial Bullet Speed     Variable with Cylinder Units (M90, M110, M130)
Battery Type     Large Type (7.2V - 9.6V)
Gearbox Version     New Generation Electric Control Split Gearbox
Firing Mode     Semi and Full Automatic (M16A2 has a burst 3 shot mode)

And these are all the goodies that come along with a standard kit:

    * Low cap mag
    * Mag loader
    * Hop Up Adjustment Tool
    * A manual
    * 100 BB's

First Impression
Just WOW! You know those moments of overwelming impressions? This is such a WOW moment! I dare to say this SYSTEMA M16 PTW is really a next generation AEG. It surpassed all my expectations, everything seems to look perfect. Weight, size, color, solidity, usage, performance all far above average. SYSTEMA really did a good job on this one! Please read allong the review to see my impressions on this item.

First of all the externals are produced with a nice matt grey finish, very realistic! Not a plastic black look as most of the repica's have. The metal body, stock, barrel and mags are with the same finish. Even the selector switch, bolt release catch, front sight etc! I really can appreciate these perfect little details. Something you might expect from SYSTEMA; As reel as it get's. :)

The mags of the SYSTEMA M16 are good. The fit is perfect, the usage just fine and it feets the gun good. We had a long test period of over a month an we did not have ANY misfeed! Please remark that these mags do NOT fit into any other M16 airsoft brand. The feeding system is totally unique and a new design of SYSTEMA. This might be a problem with interchanging mags within your team, but fortunately the new system works at least properly without misfeeds. SYSTEMA supplies the M16's with 30 rounds low caps and 120 rounds mid caps. A proper loading tool is included into the M16 box, but I hope they will introduce a high cap of at least 300 rounds soon! Personally the hastle of the low and mid caps is not favourable for me. They want to make it as real as possible, but I am sure a lot of airsoft players will favor a high cap. Besides, the weight of the mags are impressive realistic! I compared them with TM and CA mags and you can pick out the SYSTEMA mag easily. Color, and weight are different, but size is nearly the same. You will definately notice the mags when wearing 4 or 6 of them into your tactical vest. Maybe I will open a mag in the future to see more of the insides.

The fire selector of the SYSTEMA M16 is really unique in the airsoft world. Most of the airsoft rifle's kinda "glide" into their position. You really need to guide the switch with your thumb into the right position. SYSTEMA's fire selector really "clicks" into the right position like the real steal variants are doing. This might seem an unimportant issue but delevers you more comfort during usage and adds again that little piece of realism to you rifle.

I think we have now come to the most interesting part of the new SYSTEMA M16 series. SYSTEMA developed a totally new designed electrically controlled split-up gearbox. A very impresive piece of engieneering which enables new features to airsoft replica models, like a more realistic thinner body and less maintenance. And offcourse the new drop-in cylinders which are really cool!

[Systema M16-A2/A3 PTW out of the box]

[Systema M16-A2/A3 PTW out of the box]

[Systema M16-A2/A3 PTW out of the box]

Upgrading and Downgrading
Thanks to the newly designed gearbox regulating the power of your airsoft rifle really has become a pleasure! SYSTEMA introduced a full-line of socalled "drop-in cylinder units" for the whole line of Professional Training Weapon Systems! Three different drop-in cylinder units are now availeble on the market. They includes the M90 cylinder unit ("stock" cylinder shipped with your PTWS), M110 cylinder unit (moderate upgrade for all-around performance), and M130 cylinder unit (high velocity upgrade when maximum engagement range is needed). It is ensured that no other internal modifications need to be done when switching a unit.

Lately they also released a MAX version after the gen 3 version. These include red M150 cylinders and are only usable with SYSTEMA PTW MAX variants. They opperate like all the other cylinder units. Beware, there are problems reported regarding the zinc teeth rack in the M90 cylinder unit. Most other units have a steel teeth rack already installed! When having problems with stripping teeth on a M90 cylinder unit, please replace the zinc teeth rack with the new steel piston rack.

The cylinder units will cost you an additional 195 USD! This is a bit more than you pay for a conventional M130 upgrade. This cylinder unit is all you need for an upgrade. Besides there is no other way to upgrade the gearbox. It is NOT compatible with other brands because of the unique design!

Their are currently some new upgrades available, most important are the upgrades from gen3 to a MAX version. The main difference are the higher torgue mortor and the new steel gears in the gearbox. SYSTEMA also developed a completely new barrel assembly set with a 6.04 precission barrel pre-installed! I think this precission barrel is really worth it, however it will cost you still around 200 USD.

There are also newly improved mags available. Some users had extensive problems with their mags, not feeding properly or otherwise. When having problems on your mags, refer to these new mags to solve your issues...

The SYSTEMA M16 has some new features which are unique in the airsoft world.

    * Electronically controlled gearbox
    * Real opperating of the gun
    * Easy to upgrade/downgrade gearbox
    * A system block when mag is empty
    * Burst firing mode!

Offcourse we did some FPS tests with the rifle. We used 0.20g Bioval BB's together with the M130 cylinder unit and offcourse the Chrony. Maybe we also need to mention that the PTW uses a standard 6.1 precission barrel. We did several shots and top speed was around the 400FPS. The lowest measured value was 378FPS. On average the gun will operate with this M130 cylinder installed around 385FPS. Remark that we did not need to modify the gearbox at all to use the M130 cylinder.

M90: 310-320fps
M110: 360-370fps
M130: 380-400fps
M150: 510-520fps

Additionally we would like to add this movie from Redwolf who made a nice impression of the SYSTEMA PTW. Enjoy!

Wrapping up, this is a gun you can only dream of. If you can afford these toys, be sure to get one!

Final Grading
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