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Systema, a brand well known because of their high quality internal parts and the PTW series, is preparing the release of a new gearbox called "Energy." Besides its qualities of strength and reliability, the manufacturer is working to reduce the total weight of the beast - the difference in weight compared to a standard gearbox could reach 600 gr! Which is a lot. Internal quality continues to improve and will make airsoft AEG's more reliable.


Systema Energy Gearbox

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Those who want to lay their hands on the new Systema Energy series, you can now start asking your retailers when they can have this in stock and perhaps you can place a pre-order. Dealers can also check on their notice below when placing orders. The item starts shipping to distributors and resellers on the 2nd of November, so this time there's no long waiting as compared to the Revolution gearbox as there was a big delay between the announcement and the actual shipment.

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