Systema strongest motor

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More information released!

Systema strongest motor

With the announcement of the Code Name: "KUMI" Motor from Systema Engineering which is the newest and greatest motor release for use with the PTW series, they further give us an update that there will be two types of motors that will be released under this code name which uses the name of the CEO of Systema. She has full faith that this motor series will resolve the issue(s) plaguing the old PTW motors.

There are two versions of our new motor.
 One resembles the 7511 type motor: "Code name KUMI 7511 Type".
The other, which is one of the more popular motor types for the P.T.W. line, based on the 490 type motor: "Code name KUMI 490 Type".

You may have already noticed, that the difference between the two motors is simply in the outer appearance and not in performance.
Future orders of the P.T.W. as well as Challenge Kits will all include the "Code name KUMI 7511 Type" motor.
 For those who have the 2012 model P.T.W. (and prior), may purchase the "Code name KUMI 490 Type" motor; and will be able to enjoy the performance of the new motor without having to purchase a new grip!


The two motors share these performance features:

  • Maximum revolutions
  • Maximum Torque
  • Maximum Current
  • Over 10,000rpm
  • Over 1600gcm
  • Over 57.31W

Even with the heaviest load to our new motor (which is in Semi-Auto firing), it is able to churn out over 40,000 rounds. In addition, these two motors support all P.T.W. models.
However, when using either the SUPER MAX or the MAD MAX models, the set position for the Motor Pinion is different; therefore please confirm the part number when purchasing the motor.

Furthermore, the core of the performance found in the two new motors lay in the new Rotor: "Code name KUMI Rotor"; this rotor is compatible with all rotors used after the 490 type rotor model.


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