Tactical Kit Update

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Blackhawk CQC Serpa Holster in stock

Tactical Kit Update

Tactical Kit are now stocking the Blackhawk CQC Serpa Holster that fits the new Marui Springfield XD GBB pistol. We also stock holsters for the following variants all £39.99

  • Beretta PX4 Stom
  • FN 5.7
  • Walther P99
  • SIG PRO 2022
  • SIG P226 all colours including Tan and OD
  • All Glock Variants 17 (tan),19,20 and 22
  • Beretta 92F
  • Colt 1911
  • H&K USP Compact & Full Size

This unique holster design allows you to forget old-fashioned thumb breaks that slow your draw and complicate reholstering. The patented SERPA Technology lock engages the trigger guard as you holster the pistol and won't let go until you release it. The release is made using your normal drawing motion, with the trigger finger beside the holster body.
Includes Belt Paddle, Belt Loop Mounting system. The Serpa can be adjusted and mounted at various angles in addition to being removed and independently mounted on the Serpa Back Plate adapter, for use on Molle rig.

SERPA Technology Features

  • Full firing grip for draw and immediate retention upon reholstering
  • No thumb break or awkward middle finger release to slow down your draw
  • Speed cut allows faster draw and easy reholsterng 

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