TORNADO 2 Timer Frag Grenade

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Airsoft Innovations does it again: Next level KABOOM for Airsoft!

TORNADO 2 Timer Frag Grenade

The Tornado 2 is the most powerful reusable airsoft grenade ever created. It contains a simple reliable timer, requires no disassembly and features tough full metal construction. It fires 200 BBs (more than any other airsoft grenade) at a blistering 240 FPS (more than 2x the velocity of all airsoft grenades) in a full 360° spread. Continue reading to see the video of it in action below!

The kit contains grenade oil & one Tornado 2 exclusive morale patch. They come in gold and FDE (both limited edition launch colours), there will be lots of colour options after initial shipments. It retails for about 125,- USD, which is totally worth it in our opinion. Stay tuned, since a full review is confirmed and inbound.

What we like most? The improved IMPACT (more BBs and MORE FPS/power), it's really POWERFULL! Also the fact you won't need any tools or adjustments to use/reload it, and the easy "twist and set"-timer comes in handy. No disassembly or reset required. By the looks of it: It's just sooo easy. I am sure everybody will call their hits now! :)

Airosft Innovations Gold TORNADO 2

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