UMAREX Glock17 Gen4 review by AMNB

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There´s no such thing as an airsoft Glock…??

UMAREX Glock17 Gen4 review by AMNB

Airsoft Glocks have been around a long time and many manufacturers like TM, ASG, WE and others produced different replica versions from the Glock line-up already. Aftermarket parts which allow you to PIMP your Glock to the moon and back, make it even harder to get away from the Glock Train. Shit hit the fan a couple years back and the official license was taken away and almost every Glock which was produced under this contract was gone. Hell on earth for the #glockaddicted player!

Till their was a huge announcement from Umarex, they obtained the Worldwide Glock license for Airsoft! Check the AMNB review for a full review on this Austrian handgun for Airsoft...

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