The Airsoft Meetup 2019 is a go!

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Call For Speakers & Sponsors! Join us March 10th in Nurnberg!

The Airsoft Meetup 2019 is a go!

The biggest annual gathering of the Airsoft media, industry, and community, the Airsoft Meetup, will be holding it's 8th gathering. A major side event for airsoft at the IWA Outdoor Classics in Nuremberg, Germany, it has been growing year on year, with the airsoft media being able to watch and listen to industry and community representatives on what they are doing for the current the year. Join us March 10th in Nurnberg!

For the Airsoft Meetup 2019, we are announcing it early on as the the Meetup is already bursting at its seams. Held at the Hong Kong Room in Nuremberg Messe, the room was jam-packed in 2018. For those who plan on attending the Meetup, they can go to the Airsoft Meetup website to register so they can reserve their slots given that there are limited seats available. Only 80 days left!

Now, with a more strict schedule to maximise the number of speakers, interested presenters will need to contact to discuss their presentations. Not all interested speakers will be accommodated given that we are on very limited time and thus, the earlier speakers can send their intentions the higher possibility of being given speaking slots.

Regarding presentations, we would recommend that the slides be submitted to at least a week before the Airsoft Meetup so they can be checked to avoid technical issues during the Meetup itself. This is so as not to delay other presentations when a technical problem happens with a presenter’s slides. Confidentiality will be assured so that any reveal that is targeted on the day of the Meetup will be kept secret.

DID YOU KNOW? The Airsoft Meetup 2019 will be live-streamed in its entirety for the first time via Facebook (or YouTube).

Since the Airsoft Meetup entails resources, we are also seeking sponsors to help us defray the expenses. Hopefully the regular sponsors will step up to the plate again to help us as well as new sponsors to ensure that we get to hold this year after year.

We hope to see you all again next year in Nuremberg!

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