Wolverine Airsoft Inferno new HPA system

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Coming soon! #bringtheheat

Wolverine Airsoft Inferno new HPA system

HPA lovers, heads up: Wolverine Airsoft are about to release another HPA airsoft product, called "THE INFERNO" and here's some first information of this new system...

"While this does not tell you everything, here is a little more about the Inferno. A system which gives you ALL the options when it comes to upgrades and compatibility! More to come on the very exciting Spartan Technology, the latest innovation from Wolverine Airsoft. Stay Tuned!

On their official Instagram account: "Inferno will be just as efficient, durable, reliable, and robust as all of our products. It will be less expensive than Hydra because it has a simpler front end and therefore not compatible with as many gearboxes as Hydra. We would never lessen the quality of our products just to make them cheaper :)"

We will keep you updates when this news evolves... 

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