G&G has Knight's Armament Company license!

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First G2 rifle models expected by the end of March 2019!

G&G has Knight's Armament Company license!

Leading manufacturer G&G Armament announced in their newsletter a series of rifles with the KAC license. The Knigt's Armament Company (KAC) founded by Reed Knight more than 30 years ago in Florida is known primarily for two products: the R.I.S rails and the SR-25 rifle. G&G together with KAC wants to offer a line of officially licensed airsoft replicas under the name of Knight's Armament G2 Rifles. At the moment, pre-orders are accepted for these replicas. The expected date of their release is the end of March.

KAC/G&G replicas are characterized, among other things, by a durable G2 gearbox, a G2 mosfet and a trigger module called the "Electronic TriggerUnit (ETU)." The carbines will be available with barrels length of 7, 9 and 12 inches, anodized metal fronts in the M-LOK system, a hi-cap magazine holding 450 BBs and butt stock with 6 length settings. The battery cables are to be terminated with T-DEANS plugs! Which is great!


The Airsoft GLOCK: Why did it take so long?

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Airsoft Licensing: a background story.

The Airsoft GLOCK: Why did it take so long?

Cliff Eisenbarger from Umarex USA / Elite Force talked to Jonathan from Airsoftology about Airsoft Licensing with. He explains how it works and also why it took so long to get the airsoft GLOCK to make...

If you´re into the “Glock”, this is some background info to watch!


Finally a worldwide GLOCK license for Airsoft!

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Umarex gets the worldwide License!

Finally a worldwide GLOCK license for Airsoft!

Hot from the press, UMAREX to obtain the worldwide Glock License for Airsoft! At noon we received the final word in a joint press release from UMAREX and Glock. No April fools jokes, this is real. UMAREX has per immediate effect the worldwide Glock license. UMAREX will be making officially licensed Glock pistols in 4.5mm/.177 airgun and 6mm Airsoft. Expect them in stores around November 2017 already.

Check the official press release below. How they will integrate with the local Cybergun deal in France is not yet known. We requested more info from UMAREX. We have writen so many stories regarding the Glock license (check the related articles), glad this finally happened.

UPDATE: During AirsoftCon (Okt 14th) you can get a first glance at the production Airsoft Glock pistol!

UPDATE 2: The trailer movie clearly states "Not intended for sale in France, including Frence territories outside of Europe".

UPDATE 3: Umarex will focus on most popular Glock models from the 17, 18 and 19 series. The pistol will be available in 4 different price ranges. From low-end springers to high-end full option pistols.

World Market Leaders Join Forces: UMAREX Receives GLOCK License

UMAREX GmbH & Co. KG (UMAREX) headquartered in Germany receives the first worldwide license from the well-known Austrian weapons manufacturer, GLOCK, for the reproduction of its internationally recognized pistols. UMAREX is thus writing a new chapter in its success story as the world market leader in licensed replica handguns. Eyck Pflaumer, Managing Partner of UMAREX, summarizes the results of the intensive negotiations, “For years now, the trust between our two companies has been growing and we are looking forward to further developing this relationship with GLOCK. From November 2017 onwards, gun fans will find the first replicas of these famous pistols in outdoor retail locations almost everywhere in the world.”

Founded in 1963, GLOCK has been setting the global standard for handguns with polymer frames for decades. UMAREX and GLOCK are two world market leaders meeting on equal terms, the best prerequisites for a successful partnership. UMAREX will in the future build the famous GLOCK pistols in the categories "Airguns" (4.5 mm / .177) and "Airsoft" (6 mm). GLOCK replicas will be distributed worldwide through sporting goods dealers, except in France and French territories. The worldwide distribution is expected to begin in November 2017. Particularly attractive for collectors, the license allows the replicas to carry the original markings and be marketed in authentic packaging.



Licensing agreement between RWA & Battle Arms Development

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RWA new license agreement!

Licensing agreement between RWA & Battle Arms Development

RWA is proud to announce it has signed a worldwide licensing agreement with BATTLE ARMS DEVELOPMENT, Inc. (B.A.D. Inc.) in August, 2016. RWA is a renowned premium manufacturer and international distributor of licensed Airsoft products, headquartered in Hong Kong. In addition to producing the most coveted licensed NIGHTHAWK CUSTOM pistols and AGENCY ARMS slide sets for Airsoft, RWA plans to manufacture a full line of licensed BATTLE ARMS DEVELOPMENT products. BATTLE ARMS DEVELOPMENT is a fast growing premium AR pattern rifle accessories manufacturer headquartered in Nevada, USA. It is a design, research, and development firm incorporated in 2009 with a focus on small arms design including firearm components, tools, gauges, accessories, and complete weapon systems.

Together, RWA and BATTLE ARMS DEVELOPMENT plan to create the most realistic AEG & GBBR complete guns as well as BATTLE ARMS DEVELOPMENT airsoft accessories, catering to airsoft shooters for both training and participating in airsoft recreational sports. ZSHOT USA retains the exclusive license to manufacture BATTLE ARMS DEVELOPMENT products for the PTW platform, and PTS is also licensed to manufacture selected products.

If you have any questions about this announcement, or any of RWA’s products, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit For more information about BATTLE ARMS DEVELOPMENT, visit


RWA signs exclusive licensing agreement with AGENCY ARMS

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RWA has just announced their exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with AGENCY ARMS (California, USA).

RWA signs exclusive licensing agreement with AGENCY ARMS

RWA has just announced their exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with AGENCY ARMS (California, USA). Look for some awesome looking guns coming from their way!

"We are extremely honored to have signed the exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with AGENCY ARMS to produce high quality replicas for Airsoft. Expect to see some exciting AGENCY ARMS products coming out from our affiliated manufacturing and distribution brand RWA!"

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