Licensing agreement between RWA & Battle Arms Development

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RWA new license agreement!

Licensing agreement between RWA & Battle Arms Development

RWA is proud to announce it has signed a worldwide licensing agreement with BATTLE ARMS DEVELOPMENT, Inc. (B.A.D. Inc.) in August, 2016. RWA is a renowned premium manufacturer and international distributor of licensed Airsoft products, headquartered in Hong Kong. In addition to producing the most coveted licensed NIGHTHAWK CUSTOM pistols and AGENCY ARMS slide sets for Airsoft, RWA plans to manufacture a full line of licensed BATTLE ARMS DEVELOPMENT products. BATTLE ARMS DEVELOPMENT is a fast growing premium AR pattern rifle accessories manufacturer headquartered in Nevada, USA. It is a design, research, and development firm incorporated in 2009 with a focus on small arms design including firearm components, tools, gauges, accessories, and complete weapon systems.

Together, RWA and BATTLE ARMS DEVELOPMENT plan to create the most realistic AEG & GBBR complete guns as well as BATTLE ARMS DEVELOPMENT airsoft accessories, catering to airsoft shooters for both training and participating in airsoft recreational sports. ZSHOT USA retains the exclusive license to manufacture BATTLE ARMS DEVELOPMENT products for the PTW platform, and PTS is also licensed to manufacture selected products.

If you have any questions about this announcement, or any of RWA’s products, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit For more information about BATTLE ARMS DEVELOPMENT, visit

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