Tokyo Marui’s MK46 Mod0 NGRS

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Ready For Release Next Week!

Tokyo Marui’s MK46 Mod0 NGRS

There is high anticipation with the release of the Tokyo Marui’s first support weapon AEG offering, the MK46 Mod0 NGRS. Years in the making, this was first revealed last year at the 5th Tokyo Marui Festival to the surprise of many. It has been a wish of many airsoft players that the venerable Japanese airsoft manufacturer release a support weapon for many years now. They finally get their wish and it comes with features not seen in other airsoft support weapons based on the M249 design.

Now, the only thing that those who want this weapon is the cash as it costs JPY 148,000 (US$1,360). If you want to burn all your Christmas shopping money on just one thing, you might want to put it all on this and pray that you will not get a buyer’s remorse afterwards. Poland

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