New: Dynamic Action Sport (DAS)

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A new Airsoft Team Competition Concept

New: Dynamic Action Sport (DAS)

A video is being spread around regarding a new team sport for airsoft. The video, produced by PTS, introduces Dynamic Action Sport (DAS) as a team based competitive sport using the latest technology. DAS is the latest in the line of proposed game formats for team-based competition in airsoft. Whilst team-based airsoft shooting competitions, whether force on force or tactical shooting, have been around, there is no set standard of team-based competition that is followed by airsoft players worldwide.



NABV announces initial talk with Dutch Customs

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, justice department acknowledges NABV as official Airsoft Foundation

NABV announces initial talk with Dutch Customs

The new legalislation moves steadily ahead in The Netherlands, as the NABV announced having had an initial meeting with Dutch Customs about the implementation of the new rules that went active on the 15th of january.

The NABV and Customs point out that these are merely the initial talks and import as of now is still illigal without NABV membership, which remains closed for the moment as the foundation moves to put all the assests and required administration in place.

Another milestone in the efforts of the NABV was reached as the Justice Department submitted an official declaration about the reckognition of the NABV as the country's first official Airsoft Foundation. (Dutch: vereniging). This is a requirement as only members of a reckognised foundation will get the exceptions from the law regarding airsoft devices.


NABV releases further rules and explanations on day legislation becomes active

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asks for patience as wheels are in motion for membership applications

NABV releases further rules and explanations on day legislation becomes active

On the day that Dutch airsoft legislation becomes active, the NABV posts part 3 in their explanation of the rules, this being the first one after the new rules where published in a more formal (and therefor perhaps somewhat confusing) language used by the Dutch government. The NABV also warns that it is not legal to have Airsoft Replica's as of today, since memberships cannot be acquired yet. (with the exception of those who have a special exception by the ministry of Justice)

If the noise on the forums where any indication: people where scrambling to try and interpret the new rules as set for in the new weapons and ammunition laws. (WWM).

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SHOTshow 2013 is coming up!

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Latest airsoft news from SHOTShow covered at NLAIRSOFT.COM!

SHOTshow 2013 is coming up!

SHOTshow 2013 is coming up and I’m aiming to put up all the Airsoft related news we can score in our special SHOTshow weblog. SHOT is the largest gunshow of the year, and is a wonderful opportunity to see what’s new from the Airsoft industry. Stay tuned!


Redwolf new webshop sales!

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Check it out!

Redwolf new webshop sales!
Redwolf launched a complete new re-design of their online store front. And the improvements are big! We really like the more black theme, which suits the Redwolf brand.

They also made their website iPad friendly, so the anoying flash elements are gone! Order your airsoft gear no easily on the go.

Only this weekend (till okt 22nd) they have a special weekend sales of 15% on all items which is automatically calculated during the checkout process.

Enjoy their new webshop!
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