Laylax to officially open USA Branche

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Good luck in the USA!

Laylax to officially open USA Branche

LayLax Inc. is pleased to announce the official launch of our US branch, LayLax USA in 2023. Our main mission is three pronged. LayLax USA aims to become the logistics hub for the Americas by having a physical location and warehouse which will allow us to better serve our customers.

The second goal we aim to achieve with the opening of our US branch is to strengthen our relationships with existing partners and forge relationships with new partners. By being geographically located in the United States, this allows for greater flexibility to attend events, trade shows, physical shop visits, and meetings.

Finally, with the launch of the LayLax International YouTube channel, we aim to provide a wide variety of content dedicated to our faithful non-Japanese speaking audience. The channel will be a dedicated hub for airsofters looking for high-quality airsoft content thats aimed to be both entertaining and informative.

LayLax Inc. is the world’s top airsoft parts and accessory maker and has been leading innovation and industry standards. We plan, design, and develop airsoft upgrade parts, accessories, tactical gear, and equipment to satisfy the wants and needs of airsoft fans and players around the world.

LayLax USA YouTube Channel >>


Look-Alike Weapons Safety Act of 2015

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Filed In The United States Senate

Look-Alike Weapons Safety Act of 2015

With all the news about incidents in which people, including children, are shot for carrying airsoft guns in public across the States, that soon it will get the attraction of a legislator in the U.S. Congress. Indeed, it has gotten the attention of Senator Barbara Boxer (D-California), that she filed Senate Bill 213 (S.213) on the 21st of January 2015.

Called the "Look-Alike Weapons Safety Act of 2015" it actually has a long title, the "To improve requirements for entering into commerce of imitation firearms, and for other purposes."



NUPROL USA market entrance!

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NUPROL Airsoft gas launched during SHOT SHOW 2015

NUPROL USA market entrance!

You have read about it, heard about it, seen pictures about it but now NUPROL is very excited to announce our game changing range of the world’s most powerful, consistent and efficient range of Airsoft gas, completely USA legal and DOT approved just launched during SHOT SHOW 2015! This might look as a first big step into the USA market for NUPROL UK.


Congestion At West Coast Ports Causing Delays In Airsoft Shipments

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Patients is key :)

Congestion At West Coast Ports Causing Delays In Airsoft Shipments

This is something that each airsoft player and shopper along the U.S. West Coast and other affected areas should pray that it would not come to a head by Thanskgiving and the Christmas Holidays when the level of orders and shipments are at their peak.  In this link sent to us by Ravishing Rick Dude, SCPR blogs about the building congestion and delays in shipping all along the cost from Tacoma, Washington in the North to Long Beach, California in the South. These are important ports as it affects commerce in the Pacific Rim, where some of the biggest markets and economies in the world located.


Strike Industries now at AA Store

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Strike Industries USA accessories

Strike Industries now at AA Store

Fresh on the shelves: Strike Industries USA accessories. From compensators over 1911er grips, level IIIA protection plates and smart phone covers etc. Strike Industries is actually a real steel brand but fully compatible with Systema PTW and many general Airsoft Products. 

Dealer inquiries are welcome, please contact AA Store.

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