15 year online giveaway!

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15 years online, time to celebrate with a giveaway!

15 year online giveaway!

NLAIRSOFT.COM is 15 years online in 2017! Time to celebrate with something big. When we say big, we mean big! Together with our partner we will launch a 15-day GIVEAWAY! Yes; 15 items to win during our 15-day giveaway! Giveaway winners will be announced from 15 November till 30 November. Subscribe today!

Awesome prices include a Kriss Vector AEG and a G&G CM16 E.T.U SRL AEG! Subscribe to our newsletter to participate in the giveaway. Out of all subscribers, we will select a winner every day starting at November 15th.

Do like & share NLAIRSOFT.COM and Facebook and Instagram updates and tag some friends to increase your chances to win!

Check all details and subscribe here:


IAPS Dutch Open 11-12th November 2017

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Airsoft IAPS European Championchip!

IAPS Dutch Open 11-12th November 2017

The Dutch Open International Airsoft Practical Shooting Tournament 2017 is set for 11-12 November 2017 and it is now moving to a new venue. From Papendal Sports Centrum, it will be held at the NABV's Dutch National Airsoft Centre.

"The date for the Dutch Open 2017 is set. Dutch Open 2017 will be held in the Dutch National Airsoft Centre in Geldermalsen (Tielerweg 9) Date is set for november 11 and 12 2017.

Registration is open through Shoot & Score via

In addition to the Open and Standard Division, the contest will also be open for Production division shooters.

24 stages will be set up in Geldermalsen in 4 zones with a special theme per zone. There wille be 12 short, 8 medium and 4 long stages. We want the short stages be very ‘dynamic’ this year.

We hope to welcome you all again in Geldermalsen on November 11 & 12 2017.

An impression of the Dutch National Airsoft Centre can be found here:

UPDATE: Entrance for visitors is free!


Berget 16 - Iron Claws announced!

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Summer 2018! Get ready!

Berget 16 - Iron Claws announced!

Berget Events is very excited to present the plans for their upcoming Berget game in June 2018. The story will be a direct follow-up on last years event and many units will return this year. Berget will put a lot of effort into balancing the teams to make sure it will be an equally challenging and action packed experience for all sides.

Tickets will run out fast, so please make sure to have a 2nd choice for your team since tickets to some teams/units might run out during the first few hours of ticket release. All tickets to Berget 16 will be released via on Sunday the 5th of November 2017 20:00 CET (GMT+01). The tickets will be sold at discounted price of 129€ (the discount is 30€) the first night. The following ticket prices will increase by the turn of each month. We are doing this to reward those who buy their tickets early which help us plan and make a better Berget for all.

Many of our returning players have seen the progress in the digital transformation trend both in Berget and airsoft in general. This Berget game will continue with improvements in communication and technology! Check all their plans and improvements and further details on their website.


New Valken Alliance community launched!

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New international community launched; be part of it!

New Valken Alliance community launched!

Valken Airsoft is proud to introduce you the Valken Alliance! A brand new international community with lot's of interesting options for players and teams worldwide...

Just launched yesterday during AirsoftCON is the new site from VALKEN called “Valken Alliance”. It isn´t just a website to shop their products if you think that way, NO it´s much more then that. It´s a new concept for their customers and all players around the world to get connected to share their experience, review Valken products, get exclusive alliance merchandise, the patch member ship and much more services for their airsofting community. Appart from the Alliance, they also launch their Valken Team Sponsorship Programm. 

Interested? Bob also known as the “Kaiju” has got you covered. In the video below you´ll get the information you need to start your profile at the page, and all facts about this brand new idea and where they wanna go in the near future... 


Knight's Armament Company PDW M2 Airsoft Rifle

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I personal favourite, hope you like this AW Custom model too...

Knight's Armament Company PDW M2 Airsoft Rifle

AW Custom, well known because of their high end pistols, just released this amazing GBB. Knights Armament Airsoft and Evike Manufacturing Group (EMG) proudly present the most accurate high quality training system that mirrors the form and function of the real Knights PDW.

AW Custom is proud to announce that AW Custom™ is the official distributor of Knight's Armament Company™ PDW M2 Airsoft Rifles in Europe! These rifles are all fully licensed under Knight's Armament Company™.

The idea of the Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) was to bridge the gap between sub-machine guns and rifles. This short barreled weapon offers rifle performance in a lightweight & compact system.

The PDW M2 Airsoft Rifle is built to accept as much aftermarket upgrade parts as possible. The reason behind is to ensure years of reliable service as well as easy repairing and daily maintenance on our products.

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