Firefield 2021 Catalog released

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Firefield provides a value-for-money range of optics and accessories!

Firefield 2021 Catalog released

Firefield is excited to announce the release of our new Firefield Product Catalog available in 5 languages (English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian).  For young shooters and dedicated airsoft players, Firefield provides a value-for-money range of optics and accessories listed in the 2021Firefield Catalog.

Nice detail, our Dutchman mr_Hitman_nld is featured in the catalog! 

Forged in Victory
Firefield provides a full line of accessories that allows you to customize your Airsoft replica to ensure succes in adverse environments. From the forge in Texas, we meticulously design our products, backing up our work with a three year warranty!



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The Evolution line keeps growing and this time we put again some of our magic into the shape of another AK.


Super detailed, and super realistic, - Real rivet pins on a stamped steel receiver, and forged steel side mount and gas block, - Cnc machined metal flash hider with 14mm ccw thread for muzzle accessories, - Stamped steel selector lever, - Fiberglass-reinforced high tech polymers for the handguard, - Fiberglass-reinforced high tech polymers for the motor grip, - Stamped steel bolt cover and forged rear sight, The side folding stock is solid as the real one, made exactly in the same way.

This is an airsoft gun for real AK style lovers, a minimal pure design in a super versatile gun. Full metal for a super-strong construction and realistic weight, comes standard with a side scope mount to accessorize it with a riflescope or a Night Vision Device.



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Siege is a fan made short film based in the Rainbow 6 universe

Siege is a fan film based in the Tom Clancy universe. The film follows a six man team as they assault an abandoned hospital occupied by terrorists. The project is run by Airsofters!

Why we need your support!
We have a team of industry professionals working to bring the best possible product to the fans. Our co-director Bunee Tomlinson is an Emmy Award winning filmmaker. He is best known for his work on Boomtown: An American Journey. Wayne Gassman, our DP, worked on the SCP youtube films and numerous national commercials and films. We have also assembled a professional sound, lighting and editing team to help bring the film to life.

With such a large group of cast and crew comes costs. Your donation will help with production, food, lodging, vfx, sfx and post production.

Make a donation now via the Indiegogo platform!



New limited edition Evolution Tango Down ETS III

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Evolution International new limited edition Tango Down

New limited edition Evolution Tango Down ETS III

The new TangoDown® Enhanced Combat Rifle Evolution International is very excited every time it releases a new product but this time it is even more because these guns rock! This is the new TangoDown® LIMITED EDITION

• Built in ETSIII, the most advanced programmable trigger board on the market;
• Hard Case included;
• 2 colors to choose from;
• 2 barrel lengths to choose from;
• All the 12+ functions programmable via trigger, no external cables, computers, apps, mobile phones required, no additional purchases to unlock the advanced functions required.

Available on Don’t miss it!


The 11th Airsoft Players' Choice Awards

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Nomination Period: Start your nominations today!

The 11th Airsoft Players' Choice Awards

What has become the biggest online airsoft event, the Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards, is now on its 11th Awards Period. For a 2-month duration of the Awards airsoft players from around the world shall nominate and then vote for the best in the various awards categories.

Airsoft retailers, players, publications, manufacturers, products, blogs, communities, reviewers, videos, podcasts, and events are covered by this Awards event. Airsoft players worldwide get to vote on who they think deserves their votes and show their appreciation for those who have done a good job at serving the airsoft community. This is what makes the Airsoft Players’Choice Awards special as it takes into particular consideration the importance of the particapation of airsoft players as they are after all, the ones who benefit from the products and services of various airsoft companies and individuals.

Start your nominations today! Nominations are open to December 28th 2020!

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