Big Christmas sales at Gunfire!

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Don’t miss the best deals – only today 29%OFF over 2500 products!

Big Christmas sales at Gunfire!

It’s time for Christmas Sale at Gunfire! That’s not all! Each new reindeer carries a new pool of products that we will add to the promotional offer. Therefore, check their website to see the new items on sale and catch the reindeer with the highest discount!

For starters, we have over 2,500 products cheaper by 29%, including G&G, JG, Classic Army or Specna Arms airsoft replicas, parts and accessories from Alta Tactical, Armorer Works and Guarder and tactical equipment from Primal Gear, FMA and Ultimate Tactical.

Additionally, during the whole period of the promotion, you can choose from a group of products that are discounted by 15%. Don’t wait and collect best deals from our Christmas tree before they’re gone!


Airsoft Action december 2018

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Get your copy! Now also PRINTED for The Netherlands!

Airsoft Action december 2018

Well this is the last issue before Xmas! Off to the printers and if you want something to read, then make sure you grab a copy - because it is rammed with stuff to read!! It's also PRINTED available in The Netherlands now! Home delivered for only 7,49 EURO in Holland (ex shipping)!

Here's a taste of what you'll find...


New Airsoft Joule limits in The Netherlands

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As per April 1st 2019, new FPS/Joule and Max BB weights will be effective!

New Airsoft Joule limits in The Netherlands

The Dutch Airsoft Assiciation NABV announced new rules per April 1st 2019. No, this is not an April 1st fools joke, these are carefull considerations and discussion. Now after month of testing and arguments, the new rules set has been determined and will be effective soon! Former 2013 rules will be replaced entirely. Main consideration are safety, bringing back fun gameplay and limit joule creep. Foreign players that will visit The Netherlands, please also take these new rules into consideration!

The 4 biggest changes in the new 2019 rules:

• The maximum limits are set in Joule instead of FPS.
• A new class has been added: CQB-only. This makes a total of 4 socalled classes.
• Tests are done with at least 0.30 gram BBs.
• A maximum of 0.40 gram BBs are allowed on all game area's.

The above CQB class is exclusive. This means if only an organizer chooses to use it, every airsoft device must comply with this. The choice to use this class lies entirely with the organizer, not with the NABV. The DMR class has a max rate of fire: 4 shots a second, single shot only!


Titan Power for Airsoft - Titan HPA introduction!

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Big news again grom Titan Power for Airsoft. Their latest introduction is for HPA users!

Titan Power for Airsoft - Titan HPA introduction!

Big news again grom Titan Power for Airsoft. After they introduced their International Airsoft introduction and their 3D printed PEQ BOX for Titan’s brick batteries, they now introduce a completely new product for HPA Airsoft usage!

This weekend, during Evike’s AirsoftCON, Titan Power will launch their latest and tiniest (14.4mm (0.56in) thick, 56mm (2.2in) long) addition to their product line being Protected HPA Batteries! We hear you thinking, what makes this little Li-Ion battery for HPA so special? First of all it still manages 7.4V and a capacity of 350 mAh although it’s small size. Further there are 5 additional product features.. continue reading to get to know more!


Airsoft Amigos - The Airsoft Show

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Airsoft Amigos - The Airsoft Show

Airsoft Amigos are on a big airsoft series project. Called "The Airsoft Show" it looks like they are aiming to change how an airsoft video series will be done. They are hosting a pre recorded show with an actual audience, a TOPGEAR like show for Airsoft :) 

All episodes will be online @theairsoftamigos YouTube Channel so be sure to be subscribed! This show will be episodic and every episode will have a certain subject matter. Here is episode 1 ready to watch! The second show is planned for the end of Oktober 2018!

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