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Here is the latest news update from Madbull airsoft including a 2 tones Novak pistol and the M82. News courtesy of Simon.

It’s our honor to release this beautiful 2 tones Novak licensed Airsoft pistols. As you know Novak is a worldwide famous brands for its “rear sight” design.A lot of pistol famous manufacturers are using their sights as standard device, including Colt, S&W and more…
Here is a licensed 2 tones Novak NEXT pistols with Novak’s approved design.

We also include a high quality NOVAK gun bag, however, quantity is limited. If gun bag are out of stock, we will provide a SOCOMGEAR gun bag.

Even more good news! The M82 arrived to USA yesterday (Friday.)
This item will be sold out in mins.Ask your local retailers for detail or contact JAG Precision.




Madbull Airsoft: LPF batteries available

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Simon reported in that the MadBull LPF batteries have arrived.


Madbull LFP Battery

12.8 and 9.6 Volt are available at the same time. Need to use MadBull LFP Charger.
More information can be found at:

SOCOM gear also announced the MK18 DD. The SOCOMGEAR MK18 is Daniel Defense licensed and will be released soon.
It will be a nearly 1:1 copy of the real steel variant.


Madbull Airsoft: Noveske licensed outer barrels

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Madbull Noveske Barrels

The officially licensed Noveske outer barrels are modeled after Noveske’s own line of stainless steel barrels that are highly regarded by shooters for their high quality constructions and polygonal rifling. The original Noveske Rifleworks stainless steel barrels have a bead blasted finish and bull barrel design. With lengths starting from the 7.5” Diplomat to the 18” SPR barrel, the Madbull Airsoft fully licensed Noveske Rifleworks barrels are great additions to your custom airsoft collection.


Madbull Marketing


Madbull Airsoft: PLA BIO-BBS

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We're feeling pretty green here at Madbull, and not just because St. Patty's Day is around the corner. The PIDC just released the results of their Biodegradation Analysis of our PLA Bio-BBs, and they are certifiably Earth-friendly! Without compromising quality, our PLA Bio-BBs are made of corn, chalked up a 95.6% average disintegration rate after 48 days, and had no observable virulence effect on plant growth: 100% of the seedlings planted over the degrading BB material showed normal growth.

The PIDC's full report can be read on our website:

Madbull Marketing


Madbull Airsoft: Video review contest!

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Simon sent in the announcement that Madbull is inviting you to participate in their Facebook Video Review Giveaway, check out how to participate in this content below:

Do a video review of your own gear to win Madbull products not yet available on the market and a chance to be our exclusive video reviewer, reviewing our new products!

Madbull Facebook Contest

1. Like our Facebook page HERE
2. Make a video review of your own gear and post it to our Facebook discussion page.
3. We will choose the winners based on who does the best review.
4. The 1st Place and 2nd Place winners will be sent their prizes and will do a video review of the prize to be posted back on the Madbull Airsoft Page. They will also be selected to be one of our exclusive video reviewers and be sent new products not yet available to the public.

Two 1st Place Winners: Daniel Defense M4A1 Rail: Either Dark Earth or Matte Black ($110 MSRP each)
Two 2nd Place Winners: PWS Compensators: Either Diablo Version or CQB Version ($38 MSRP each)
Three 3rd Place Winners: 3 Madbull Grenades ($10 MSRP each)

Those who make their videos interesting and in depth will have the best chances to win!

Contest will close Jan 24th and winners will be announced Feb 5th

Also, just like our Facebook page and follow us on twitter to win a Madbull Grenade! 15 random people from Facebook and Twitter will be selected, so follow us on both for more chances to win!

Simon Lee
Madbull Marketing

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