P-Force Bio BBs Arriving this Month

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P-Force LogoThe new P-Force Biodegradable BBs are arriving this month...

P-Force USA is proud to introduce their new P-Force Airsoft Biodegradable BB collection on 10/10/09.  P-Force Biodegradable BB is available in 0.20g and 0.25g. Air-tight resealable pouch-bags designed to keep ambient moisture out are used to package P-Force biodegradable BBs. Available in 1 kkg bags (around 5000 round in 0.20g, 4000 rounds in 0.25g).

For more information on P-Force USA and our line of products, please feel free to visit us at

P-Force info


P-Force USA new BB packaging!

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P-Force USA LogoP-Force USA’s high precision BB’s have a new package design:

Dear Arnies News Associates,

We are proud to present to you our newly designed packaging for our Airsoft BB line. For more information, please visit our website at


PDI - TROY Medieval type muzzle brake 2

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Today PDI announce the new release information, it's the TROY Medieval type muzzle brake 2

PDI Troy

This muzzle brake is not same as other brand. It's made of Duralumin & black anodized.  Almost all brands are using Steel, but we chose the duralumin by Japanese famous maker Sumitomo material. If you want to  see more detail, please visit the X-FIRE page:

Tomohiko Nishizono
PDI Co.,Ltd.
Sales & factory Manager


PDI Airsoft News Update

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X-Fire PDI Logo Here is the latest news from X-Fire PDI, Sales manager Tomo is back at his post over at PDI and send their latest updates:

1.VALVE KNOCKER / for WE G39 series This is the 1st upgrades for WE by PDI. We continue making upgrades! This parts is required by everyone,as you know really weak one.So we machined the Carbon steel,get high durability ! 


2.MUZZLE HOLDER You may is this adapter? This one changes your muzzle to accessory ! 14mm CCW,so if you have any extra muzzle,please attach it.And put it as you like.



Sales Manager 



PDI Japan: Trident Muzzle Brake

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Tomo from PDI Japan sent in some details regarding their Trident Muzzle Brake. It is amust have for all the tacticool snipers out there. It was designed for the M24 SWS, can be fitted onto the CA or PDI version of it. More, as usual right bellow...


Today I have a PDI new muzzle brake for Classic Army or PDI made M24 called Trident muzzle brake.

 PDI Trident Muzzle Brake

PDI make the REAL style to make up M24. esearched many real pictures & finally found this trident model but CA (or also PDI) M24 is used Bull Barrel style,so designed the muzzle to fit bull barrel.

More information is please access to SPRING LOCK.

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