Madbull BioBBs without cobalt

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Madbull Bio BB'sGents,

Rumor says MadBull Bio BB has Cobalt and will hurt our environment.
Our Japan Bio material suppliers says, there is no Cobalt and heavy metal.

In order to get a clear result, we send our BB to independent lab and got test result.

“There is no Cobalt.”

Part of the test result attached. Completed test report is available upon request.

MadBull Airsoft


Madbull just signed a licensing agreement with AR57!

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Madbull AR57 Licensing

AR57 is a United States-based manufacturer or rifles and firearm accessories, including upper assemblies, magazines, ammunition, scopes, and barrels.
Madbull Airsoft is proud to begin working with AR57 to adapt their innovative rifle and accessory designs for use in Airsoft replica guns.

This cooperation means that Airsoft players will have a greater selection of realistic accessories with which to build their loadouts. In addition, these accessories will be
manufactured to the highest standard to live up to the AR57 reputation. Finally, licensing ensures that the brilliant engineers are properly compensated for their intellectual property.


Madbull M9 Assassins Barrel

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Madbull Assasins Barrel


So many Airsoft players email us and request for assassin barrel kits for M9. So, we come out this wonderful kits for owners of SOCOMGEAR / WE M9 / M9A1.

Complete barrel set with inner barrel, outer barrel, outer barrel set and hopup. Steel threads for dummy suppressor (Gemtech Outback and Blackside are suggested) 235mm 6.03 MadBull world famous tight bore barrel.



MadBull Omega X Rails

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MadBull Omega X Rails feature an easy upgrade platform, high strength, and extreme ergonomics. The Omega X Rails offer a smooth transition from the upper receiver offering the most useable rail space. It features a continuous upper rail platform along with integrated sling swivels. Integrated sling mounts also feature limited rotation and ambidextrous points.


Madbull Omega X


Free Floating Barrel Design
Uninterrupted Upper Rail Platform
Integrated Sling Swivel Attachment Points with limited rotation
Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Mil-Spec 1913 Picatinny Rails
Narrow profile for enhanced ergonomics
Removable lower for easier FSP (front sight post) installation

Precision CNC machined
Aircraft Grade 6061 Aluminum
Matte Hard Coat Anodized finish
Made in Taiwan by MadBull

Madbull Marketing


MadBull Ultimate Hopup released today!

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The MadBull Ultimate Hopup was released today:


There is a story behind this product.

One of Airsoft players feed me his idea, the Chamber Lock idea.

We think that is very interesting and we put into our Hopup design. His name is Brian Holt. We will definitely give him a share (if this design is profitable~)
So, if you think you are smart enough, you can feed us your idea. We can’t guarantee that we will use your idea but once we adopt it, we will share our profit with you. (again, if this item is profitable.)



Including a Tracer LED Unit (Optional, Sold separately), Chamber Lock, and Easy Adjustment Device.

(1) The LED Tracer Unit: You can buy it separately and attached to the Hopup unit. Use your AEG battery and connect to your Tracer Unit. The LED can brighten the tracer BB when BBs are in the chamber.

(2) Chamber Lock: Designed by Brian Holt. With this new hop up design you will not have to worry about losing and dropping several bb’s with a magazine change. This new design provides  you with a way to keep bb’s in your AEG and ready to use and not on the floor and even better it stabilizes the top of the magazine to ensure a secure and flawless feed of bb’s into the AEG.

CAUTION: This hop up unit is designed for the experienced and responsible Airsoft player. With the magazine removed the AEG is still able to fire several bb’s.  Always wear safety goggles and treat all Airsoft weapons as if they were loaded.

(3) Easy Adjustment Wheel device: Use TM G36 style adjustment device and apply on the M4/AR unit.

Detail photos, please check our website. (MadBull)

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