VFC new GBB: G36K

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More information available soon, below the poster with the details known sofar...




VFC new products Oktober 2009

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VFC SR-15 Combat Master, VFC Baby M4 and the A/NPEQ-15 illuminator aiming light will be introduced next month by VFC.

VFC SR-15 Combat Master

VFC Baby M4

VFC AN/PEQ-15 illuminator

More information can be found at


VFC New showroom

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Recently we brought you the news that VFC moved into their new office in the Taipei area. Today we received a confirmation on their new in-house office showroom. Check out the pictures below and in our gallery. Damn which i had such a basement!


VFC New Showroom

Their website can be found at


VFC New Website Design

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Been quite a while since we saw some definite updates from VFC apart from their movement to their new offices. I guess in line with their new office, a new design for their website was also proper. You can check their website and learn more about their latest releases such as the M4 GBB-R and the upcoming products such as the MK18 Mod 1 AEG, MP7 suppressor and the M18/15 Gas Charger.


VFC New Website 2010


VFC News update - G36C GBBR

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Here is the latest news from the VFC G36C GBBR, live from the IWA 2011 show. Umarex showed some fine details of the new G36C by VFC.

VFC News update - G36C GBBR

VFC News update - G36C GBBR IWA 2011


A full fotoalbum with details can be shown here:

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