VFC: Taipei Hooha Show report 2009

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VFC made a new promotional page about the Hooha Show 2009. Lots of interesting news, some movie clips and nice booth girls... Click here.



VFC Hooha 2009




WE Airsoft: G39 Open Bolt Lineup

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James send in the official poster for the "Fantastic Four" G36 (or G39 as WETTI named them) GBB open bolt series of airsoft replicas.

WE Airsoft Manufacturer

WE is proud to announce our complete series of the G39 GBB "Open Bolt" airsoft rifles. All 4 models are immediate available for worldwide orders.

WE Fantastic Four
James B. Chan



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WE Airsoft Manufacturer LogoHere is the latest news on the WE KAC PDW. WE is very well known because of their quality range recoil gas blowback (GBB) airsoft rifle's.These rifles operate on green gas or 12g Co2 magazines.Their upcoming model will be the KAC PDW. Off course we know this version in AEG from VFC. Here are some latest spy videos on the WE KAC PDW.



WE: 4168 GBB revealed!

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WE Airsoft Manufacturer

This one really needs no introductions! Based on our patented, trial-&-true A.W.S.S. (Advanced Weaponry Simulator System) platform, this is yet another "ultra-realistic, true-to-Mil-spec." addition to our ever-growing A.W.S.S. family of gas blowback (GBB) rifles. This ultra-modern variant of the M4 platform features our latest patented internals, as well as out Gen 2 hop-up system; fully anodized receivers and Mil-spec. 1913 Quad Rails are also standard. This rifle is now in stock for immediate delivery.

First shots of GBB HK416 from Wei Tech in action:


WE 4168 GBB


Next will be the M14 prototype from WE, we will keep you informed!


WETTI + Knight’s Armament Company

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KAC logoJames Chan of WETTI earlier this month provided us with some insight into their strategies and future projects, most of what we already knew such as the Browning HP, L85A2 and MP5, but James also mentioned that they were about to enter into an agreement with iconic US firearms manufacturer and just today they finally revealed that the mysterious company is in fact Knight’s Armament Company (or KAC as we know it).

This agreement will no doubt give WETTI full access to the KAC ‘marks’ (although I was under the assumption that an agreement already existed for the WE Knighthawk) and also it appears that KAC will in fact be making the WETTI KAC PDW and, no doubt, the KAC Knighthawk, available through the Knight’s Armament website which is a first for WETTI. I expect that these will be marketed as tactical training systems which fits with WETTI’s mission.

Personally I am a big fan of the KAC PDW (since the first VFC rumours :) ), so I will certainly keep an eye on WETTI!

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