SYSTEMA 20th Anniversary - Limited edition Complete Mecha Box (CMB)

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SYSTEMA logoKumi at SYSTEMA Engineering has sent an email with some very detailed news regarding the anniversary (20 years already!) complete mecha box. Lot's of details are provided, which is ectually a nice read! SYSTEMA is well known because of the PTW series and high quality upgrade parts which set a standard in the airsoft industry. We hope they stay with us for at least another 20 years! :)


SYSTEMA C.M.B. Special Limited Model

Thank you very much for your continued patronage to our products. We will celebrate the 20th anniversary next year.

Although it is a little earlier, as our gratitude to the customers, we will release the limited model of Complete Mecha Box, which is the starting point of SYSTEMA and the collection of SYSTEMA parts, and carries all our know-how of manufacturing and assembly. This time, we also introduce the detail of manufacturing and assembly for a change.




Systema Energy Series. Available at RedWolf Airsoft today!

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That's right guys and girls, With the recent announcement from Systema regarding their 'Energy' line of products, we've managed to pick up the complete line of Energy products to go on our shelves.
Is this another upgrade from the Systema revolution gearbox they launched some time back?

Ranging from gearboxes, pistons, cylinders, gears to motors plus many more other smaller parts.  You can dramatically transform your AEG into something new, something different and definitely more efficient.  If you've read the previous news post regarding Systema's line of products please feel free to check it out again [url=""]here[/url].  That page includes static data for the motor performance under a few variables that definitely make this an interesting read.

There are plenty of gearbox parts in the Energy Series made for your AEGs, to find out more about these products please click the link below.


SYSTEMA Gearbox Energy

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Systema, a brand well known because of their high quality internal parts and the PTW series, is preparing the release of a new gearbox called "Energy." Besides its qualities of strength and reliability, the manufacturer is working to reduce the total weight of the beast - the difference in weight compared to a standard gearbox could reach 600 gr! Which is a lot. Internal quality continues to improve and will make airsoft AEG's more reliable.


Systema Energy Gearbox

Read the full article at our friends over at Popular Airsoft

Those who want to lay their hands on the new Systema Energy series, you can now start asking your retailers when they can have this in stock and perhaps you can place a pre-order. Dealers can also check on their notice below when placing orders. The item starts shipping to distributors and resellers on the 2nd of November, so this time there's no long waiting as compared to the Revolution gearbox as there was a big delay between the announcement and the actual shipment.


Tokyo Marui 36C Custom (Recoil Shock)

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Just recently released by Tokyo Marui, this new gen AEG is a follow through with their previously released G36K new gen. This AEG has an aluminium vortex type flash hider, CNC'd aluminium top rail for you to mount optivs. The cheek piece is adjustable and comes with a short vertical foregrip as standard.


TM G36C Custom Recoil


Placing the battery, which will be an 8.4mini type will be inside the handguard area. The blowback of this new TM 36C sound and feel almost like a GBB. Probably the best EBB ever.


The TM 36C will be available soon, the suggested retail price is JPY49,800 or US$642, but it might go lower once it's released to for retail. Problem is the Japanese Yen is strong making Japanese products more expensive.


For more info:


Tokyo Marui Colt Python Stainless Series

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Latest announcement from Tokyo Marui regarding their new airsoft revolver. Rough translation of what this is all about..

Colt Python is a high-end 1955 was announced as responsive Magnum revolver was Colt's, the next year is 6 inches, 2.5 inches, 4 inches, which was released with 8-inch barrel. (There are a few 3inches made.). The popular 'blazing Gas Shell 24' series is its unique mechanism 'fired' by one to four rotating cylinder loaded with BB bullets, with a total of 24 BB development that can be fired continuously before it is emptied.

Tokyo Marui Colt Python

Hop-up, as in previous products, 'V-packing" was adopted. To achieve accuracy and enough distance to prevent gas leakage "movable nozzle loading" and to adopt the concept of 'Revolver' a rip has been equipped with high performance products. The feature of this is "steel" has the beauty of the finish. We accentuated the glow of silver python glamorous specific form, which makes this pistol appealing.
Tokyo Marui Logo
More information at


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