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Redwolf Airsoft LogoHere is the latest news update from our sponsor Redwolf Airsoft, some great new peaces of equipment. Check esspecially the TOP M4A1 which is a shell ejecting AEG!! Also the GHK AKM GBB is on pre-order now... Ceck all the details below:






Top M4A1 (Shell Ejecting AEG)

Redwolf TOP M4A1 Shell ejecting AEG


RedWolf Airsoft product update and more!

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From your favorite and slightly nutty presenter from RedWolf Airsoft, here’s their product update video introducing their new and upcoming products this week.

Furthermore, with the recent release of the Tokyo Marui Desert Warrior 4.3, it only took them 12hours for it to be sold out from the initial batch.  It’s been told that they are accepting pre-orders and are expecting the next shipment arriving some time this week!  So if you want to secure your own Desert Warrior, consider pre-ordering one from them to guarantee you have one of these babies.

RedWolf has created their Facebook page and have been sending out prizes to a random fan after reaching a certain number of total fans.  What’s more, they have already given away 2 beautiful pistols away for celebrating their 5000th and 6000th fan on their Facebook page.

If you have Facebook, why not try out your luck to see if you’ll be the lucky one to be the next draw’s winner?  Rumor has it that the next draw will be a M11, that’s always a fun way to empty a mag.


RedWolf Promotions and more!

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RedWolf does Facebook now!

RedWolf does Facebook now!


Become a fan of RedWolf Airsoft!  Not only will you get regular updates on what’s happening over at RedWolf with our reviews, bite the bullet articles and new video updates.  But you will also get Facebook specific raffle draws every 1000 fans they get on their page!

The first draw has already been done and a lucky guy over in France will be claiming his SocomGear 1911 MEU sometime soon with us and with our fan base figures on Facebook reaching almost 6000, we’ll soon be making the next draw for our lucky winner.  Sign in to Facebook now and become a fan today! 

In every purchase of the AI Tornado Grenade, a free spoon kit and maintenance kit will also be supplied along with your AI Tornado Grenade.  This offer expires on the 31st August, make your order now before the offer ends!

Promotion includes the following:

  • Tornado Grenade
  • 50ml Grenade Oil
  • Valve Key, Valve Cover
  • Spoon Head, Spoon Delay Port Plug, Spoon, Locking Spoon Grenade Pin
  • Spoon Maintenance Kit: Valve Cover, Fill Valve, O-Ring Set, Blow Out Plug, Spoon Pin

Also, there are only a few days left on the August Deals of the Month where you can save up to 50% and check out the 40% prize reduction for their HFC Dark Hawk!


Redwolf special 1-day promotion

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RedwolfHere is the latest news from Redwolf Airsoft, they have a great special 1 day promotion, only valid today!

Selected jewels from Systema PTW and MAGPUL FPG prices slashed at up to 50% OFF.

  • - Magpul FPG Complete Set was $399... TODAY ONLY $275 (~207 Euro) (Save 32%)
  • - Magpul FPG Conversion Kit was $225...TODAY ONLY $115 (~86 Euro)  (Save 50%)
  • - SYSTEMA M16A2 MAX was $1500........TODAY ONLY $998 (~753 Euro) (Save 35%)
  • - SYSTEMA TW5 was $995...................TODAY ONLY $586 (~442 Euro) (Save 42%)

Take action now at  Deals are listed on the front home page.

All prices shown above include the use of the 15% Coupon Code "JMGFKBPY”, which gives 15% discount on EVERYTHING OFF our site!

Check out their website fast!



Redwolf Update: G17 Custom pre-orders plus many more!

Written by // Ronald “SlickAxe” Meeuwissen Categories // Retailers

From the RedWolf TV crew, we bring you an informative installation guide in video form for installing your Airsoft Surgeon's power upgrade kit.

Redwolf Airsoft are now taking pre-orders for the G17 Custom with a 5% discount if you pre-order one now.
Available in Dark Earth and Foliage Green.

Also from Tokyo Marui, we have the AK102 and the AKS74N available for pre-order from Redwolf.  Secure yours now and enjoy a 5% discount!

Socom Gear have recently released their ‘Army’ M9 pistol, Redwolf Airsoft carry this item and this currently retails at 137USD.

 If you’re planning or will be getting one of these, the M12 holsters that come with it is a must!  Redwolf have secured all the Socom Gear M9 amongst the first production lot that come with free M12 holsters.

Specs from Socom Gear as below:

Standard issued M9 Pistol Airsoft version. (OEM by WE)
Deep laser engraving
Tactical rubber grip
Completed metal frame
Free M12 holster (1000D Made in Taiwan holster. Not cheap China made low quality holster. MSRP over $50 USD) (First come, first serve. Limited 500 pcs. After 500 pcs, we will replace M12 holster with a HSS lanyard)

Package includes:

M9 Airsoft GBB pistol
One magazine
One accessory (M12 holster or lanyard) 


Next up, VFC have announced their release (available from RedWolf in November) of the AN/PEQ-15,  featuring a fully adjustable laser and a high output white light illuminator.  Some of you may have been waiting for this for a long time and cannot wait to put this on your KAC PDW, initial reports say this is one of the most realistic yet functional PEQs out there so this may be another product to look forward to in the near future!


ANPEQ15_Aiming Module

Specs from VFC:

AN/ PEQ15 Aiming Module
Color: Black / Tan
Lamp: Lumina for LED
Lumen:130 lm (Using 16340 ) or 90 lm (CR123A 3V)
Battery: 16340 (RCR123A)  or CR123A
Red laser: Functional
Accessory: the wire remote control switch

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