ACP 601 prototype revealed from APS Conception

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hard hitting CO2 with match grade barrel

ACP 601 prototype revealed from APS Conception

From the desks of JAG Precision, reaches us the news about a prototype CO2 pistol from APS Conception.

APS Conception makes a number of bold claims with this gun, namely in the affordable department while maintaining excellent features and finish ( see gallery ). Essentially the pistol looks like a Glock, and I mean: on first glance I would say it's a glock. But when you look further you see a number of distuingishing things, lke the slide being ribbed on the front, the trigger is different, there is a bigger rail, and something I have not seen done in a glock sofar: a CO2 magazine.

The press release also tells us that there's a match grade inner barrel in the gun (meaning hopefully a 6.03mm or better barrel)

All in all, we at NLAIRSOFT.COM think that this could be an interesting gun, eventhough essentially it's a customized Glock on first glance. 

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