ARES introduces M4 with programmable gearbox

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gearbox system with built in mosfet, also functions as safe LiPo cutoff

ARES introduces M4 with programmable gearbox

JAG Precision drew our attention to a new ARES product today, one that got our attention right away.

The new ARES M4e features a programmable gearbox, complete with integrated mosfet, and an automatic LiPo cutoff to keep your sensitive LiPo's safe. It also features a full cycle completion, to make sure the gearbox doesn't get stuck in an akward position.

The following programmable features are available:

  • Safe/Semi/Auto
  • Safe/Semi/Burst
  • Safe/Burst/Auto
  • Safe/Semi

but, that is not all, it also stocks the following external features:

  • Metal upper/lower receiver, barrel, buffer tube, front sight, carrying handle.
  • 1x Metal hi-cap magazine
  • Crane Stock (with rear-batter wiring)
  • Bolt-locking function for easy hop-up adjustment
  • Front sling mount

This AEG also comes with RVTS, so you can easily swap out the spring if needed, a tightbore barrel, and overload protection.

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