Big updates from Airsoft Systems

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Lot's of summer updates at Airsoft Systems

Big updates from Airsoft Systems

Big updates from Airsoft Systems. They are ready for summer high season. Their new website, new Mags, new ASCU light. And soon to be ready hop-up and ASAR15. Stay tuned!

For those who don't know Airsoft Systems, they have over 10 years of experience and are specialized in developing innovative products for the airsoft industry and market. They were the first in the world to fully integrate a computerized mosfet with sensors inside a Version 2 AEG gearbox. Today they produce one of the most advanced and field proven electronics for airsoft application, and they are OEM producer for electronic units for other airsoft brands. As from 2018 they have opened their new factory, were they have closed the circle from design to prototyping to full scale production of their hi-end airsoft gun the ASAR-15.


Airsoft Systems ASAR AEG

Written by // Ronald “SlickAxe” Meeuwissen Categories // Manufacturers

New european AEG announced at IWA 2012

Airsoft Systems is founded in 2008 in Bulgaria, they are well known because of their ASCU unit. For those who don't know, it's a drop in unit that transforms you AEG in a PTW with additional monitoring features. At IWA 2012 they introduced a complete new AEG with smart improvements over a standard AEG. Also named "the new European AEG". The AEG will be distributed by Redwolf Airsoft (Asia), Gunfire (Europe), ZSHOT(USA) and ASG(Europe) around March 2013. They are now working on mass production and will start a testing period afterwards. We fully checked the prototype in detail! Continue reading to check all the details and see the pictures... Poland

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