Airsoft Systems ASCU PRO Series

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Pro your gearbox! More details soon!

Airsoft Systems ASCU PRO Series

This is mainly teasing yet, not much details are known. But Airsoft Systems is releasing a new MOSFET and launching their ASCU Pro Series. At this stage we can only guess what new features are included. It sure will be a drop-in kit for your gearbox, a single board control unit with processor and the MOSFET. And hopefully a lot of other new and inseresting stuff to upgrade your AEG. Check below what Vladimir already could share with us!

"The ASCU PRO is the smallest unit on the market, and it packs all functions that will give you the complete realism in functionality of your AEG replica. With the PRO, we have added a smart self-calibrating Pre-Cocking function, that will automatically find the best setting for your build.

We have protected the PRO with and unmatched short-circuit protection – the TSCP.

TSCP will detect a short-circuit any time from the moment the battery is connected to the moment it is disconnected. The system checks for short-circuit 1- on battery connection, 2- every time the trigger is pressed, 3-when motor spins. If short-circuit or overload is detected the system will immediately kill all processes and shut down the system. To reset the unit, the battery has to be disconnected and reconnected. ASCU will resume normal function once the short-circuit is fixed.

All ASCU boards are designed and manufactured in EU with strict quality control." 

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