Airsoft Systems Factory Destroyed by Fire

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Airsoft Systems Factory Destroyed by Fire

This is sad news again, after the fire at Redwolf UK in July, now Bulgarian company Airsoft Systems is struck by fire. During IWA 2012 a first prototype of the ASAR-15 was introduced, looks like the final model is pushed back till 2018 now. The picture above shows the factory in better times with the ASAR-15 finished internals...  

On August 24-th an explosion in a neighboring warehouse has started a fire that has completely destroyed our factory. By miracle there are no casualties, we are all fine. The complete batch of ASAR-15 rifles that were ready for deliveries to our distributors is destroyed in the fire.

Also a very large quantity of the very new ASCU2-Gen5 and ASCU3-Gen5 have been completely burned.
Currently we are working to renew the production of the ASCU series, which will be fully functional in 2 weeks.

Customer support might work with some delays, but will not stop. The ASAR project will be rebuilt. We expect to be able to start deliveries in 2018. This diaster, will not stop us! We are airsoft players that never quit their mission!


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