ASAR-15 - Serial production model

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Finally a sign of life!

ASAR-15 - Serial production model

Finally, since the announcement during IWA 2012 there is finally a sign of life regarding the ASAR-15 model. This very promissing model because of it's unique feature set and production in Europe, was introduced back in 2012, since then.... radio silence. Today there is a sign of life as the first serial production model is introduced! We hope to meet the final serial production model during IWA 2014 and tell you all about it!

Release date is not yet known, retail price will be around only 300 euro! For now a shortlist of the details, a quick resume:

- New split gearbox design with quick spring change.
- Build in new generation of ASCU electronics.
- Empty magazine detection with standard AEG magazines.
- Helical gears.
- Ultra torque-up motor.
- Very short cycle.
- Real trigger function. Mechanically feels like a real M4 trigger.
- Ready for M160 springs out of the box.
- Full metal aluminum body.

For those who do not like the shiny finish, this will be improved during final production!

Read all about the ASAR-15 during IWA 2012 here:

What do you think? Too little, too late? Let us know in the comments...

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