CYBERGUN new CEO and strategy?

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No more re-brand craptastic products with a premium price?

CYBERGUN new CEO and strategy?

Apparently for a couple months ago, Cybergun have a new CEO that we were not aware of. Apparently the whole management team has left!

The new CEO, Hugo Brugiere, want to change the direction of the company. Instead of focusing on money grabbing mentality and pleasing the stockholders with more money, they are now focusing on listening to the player and their need. Produce new product and accessories into the market and focus more on electronic internals. Feel free to check the video below. This is what Stefano Valentini has to say about him leaving the company:

"Yes indeed I will quite Cybergun. I am following the whole management team to Drone Volt. After 25 years in airsoft it is time to change"

The change of strategy is undoubtedly good, if they manage to stick to it. This company have been taking a lot s*** for the longest time, and rightfully deserved it for the biggest part. Everyone knows that they take mediocre guns, put a brand/license on it, and BAMM! Selling it for twice the price. Lets not forget when they copyrighted all airsoft mechanic related words such as "BLOW-BACK" or "HOP-UP", and essentially blocked import of other guns. Or the latest one on IWA 2016, where they checked various booth and demanded certain designs (ICS) be removed from display because the have license/copyright.

They have a lot to recover from the damage done by themselves. What do think? Will Cybergun ever recover from it? Or will revert back to bad habit of re-brand craptastic product for premium prices? For sure the new team has a lot of work to do! Check the video below and turn on English subtitles.

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