Virtual-Shot launched in Europe

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Turn your phone & Airsoft gun into a portable shooting simulator!

Virtual-Shot launched in Europe

Are you ready for something exiting? We spotted this new kit at the Redwolf booth at IWA 2022. Virtual-Shot is a 360-degrees virtual shooting range. Within seconds you turn your AEG into a virtual enviroment to train and improve your shooting right away. With just your phone, an Android or iOS app and a mount you are good to go. They provide mounts for both a pistol and rifles with pic rails. 

Virtual-Shot will enable you to practice with real bullet drop and wind effects at all distances. It provides fully customizable ranges where you control the target type, distance, movement and even wind conditions. 100+ levels, ranges and mini games with everything from hunting deer, IPSC style gallery shoots, steel challenge levels, junkyard challenges, zombies and even insurgent combat levels :)

For the more professional users they provide in app video shooting course taught by a veteran Army Sniper so you can take your shooting to the next level from the comfort of your own home. Advanced shooting analytics that enable you to review barrel movement before and after shots to perfect your breathing trigger manipulation and shot release. And even a professional built in shot timer so you can break down your shooting and work on improving split times between shots.

Still in lock-down? Or simply not able to hit a range or event that often? Practice without ammo in the comfort of your own home!

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IWA OutdoorClassics 2021 cancelled

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Next IWA 3–6 March 2022

IWA OutdoorClassics 2021 cancelled

To allow all participants to plan with certainty, NürnbergMesse has taken the decision to cancel the IWA OutdoorClassics 2021 well ahead of time. Rising infection rates, various quarantine rules and travel restrictions are simply making it impossible for exhibitors and visitors to make any firm plans. The next IWA OutdoorClassics will take place in Nuremberg from 3–6 March 2022.

“Road to IWA 2022” in the pipeline
The IWA team is currently working on an interim programme. The kick-off event for the series of online and physical events and formats called “Road to IWA 2022” will take place on 12 March 2021, the first day of the planned IWA 2021. The selected date corresponds to the IWA Friday. “We want to offer the sector the opportunity to stay in contact during these turbulent times. We are therefore working hard to develop concepts to allow us to bridge the gap until the next face-to-face gathering. We will miss the direct contact, that much is certain. It is therefore even more important to stick together as a sector and support one another,” explains Rebecca Schönfelder, Exhibition Director IWA OutdoorClassics.


The Airsoft Meetup 2019 is a go!

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Call For Speakers & Sponsors! Join us March 10th in Nurnberg!

The Airsoft Meetup 2019 is a go!

The biggest annual gathering of the Airsoft media, industry, and community, the Airsoft Meetup, will be holding it's 8th gathering. A major side event for airsoft at the IWA Outdoor Classics in Nuremberg, Germany, it has been growing year on year, with the airsoft media being able to watch and listen to industry and community representatives on what they are doing for the current the year. Join us March 10th in Nurnberg!

For the Airsoft Meetup 2019, we are announcing it early on as the the Meetup is already bursting at its seams. Held at the Hong Kong Room in Nuremberg Messe, the room was jam-packed in 2018. For those who plan on attending the Meetup, they can go to the Airsoft Meetup website to register so they can reserve their slots given that there are limited seats available. Only 80 days left!


IWA Airsoft Meetup 2017 is a go!

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Sunday March 5th 2017 1300H – 1600H. BE THERE!

IWA Airsoft Meetup 2017 is a go!

After SHOT SHOW we now focus on the next show, the second largest in the world. IWA in Nuremberg! You see a lot of airsoft manufacturers and gear makers, as well as firearms manufacturers all in one place will take place. The IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 is all set to welcome guests and trade visitors from all around the world from the 3rd to the 6th of March 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany.

For the airsoft industry and community, it is also another opportunity to gather together and update each other on what is happening, especially in terms of product development and commercial activities. Started in 2011, the Airsoft Meetup has been gathering together the airsoft industry, airsoft community, and the airsoft media under one roof and is growing each year. It's held in the Hong Kong conference room in the Nuremberg Messe.

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