RWA Interdynamic KG-9 AEG

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Released this summer!

RWA Interdynamic KG-9 AEG

We've been made aware of this product for a several months now and seen this model in person during IWA 2015. Now finally, the RWA Group will soon be releasing this product, the RWA Interdynamic KG-9 AEG... "This well-known American Machine Pistol with Swedish origins was named after the original partners of Interdynamic USA, George Kellgren (founder of Kel-Tec) and Carlos Garcia (founder of Intertec). Check out more details and pics in the read more link...

Now released in the form of this PTW inspired AEG with high rate of fire and compact footprint, nylon fiber lower receiver and steel body and barrel. Though compact, our engineers tuned the KG-9 for long distance accuracy to hit a paper sized target up to 80 meters away. Utilizing a PTW style cylinder, hop-up and barrel, and custom gearset, the RWA KG-9 delivers hard hitting performance in a compact package.

Each KG-9 comes with two removable steel magazines. Functioning cocking handle that can be locked open. Safety button located in front of trigger for easy access. Adjustable hop-up accessible by hex wrench through the magazine well in the same manner as a PTW. Front and rear sling attachment points. The steel barrel tip can be screwed off to reveal a 14mm counter clockwise thread for attaching suppressors or barrel extensions. 6.05mm copper inner barrel. Lipo battery is included with package and is stored in the vented foregrip. Different power levels can be requested for different markets (280fps – 350fps).

    MODEL: Interdynamic KG-9
    POWER SOURCE: 7.4v Li-po Battery (included)
    WEIGHT: 1,698 g
    POWER: 330 fps
    HOP-UP: Adjustable

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