G&G Dark Earth Bio BB's

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Their newest bio-degradable offering soon available

G&G Dark Earth Bio BB's

Even more BBs are comming in. This time G&G extends their product offering. Apparently different environments require different ammunition. Do they? G&G is happy to introduce our newest bio-degradable dark earth BB's in our vacuum sealed bag.

G&G Armament BBs are consistently manufactured to be 5.95±.01mm in diameter and are guaranteed to be jam-free, providing a perfect projectile to maximize the potential of your Airsoft replica.

Pre-order now! Contact your local authorized G&G dealer for pricing and ETA.


G&G has Knight's Armament Company license!

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First G2 rifle models expected by the end of March 2019!

G&G has Knight's Armament Company license!

Leading manufacturer G&G Armament announced in their newsletter a series of rifles with the KAC license. The Knigt's Armament Company (KAC) founded by Reed Knight more than 30 years ago in Florida is known primarily for two products: the R.I.S rails and the SR-25 rifle. G&G together with KAC wants to offer a line of officially licensed airsoft replicas under the name of Knight's Armament G2 Rifles. At the moment, pre-orders are accepted for these replicas. The expected date of their release is the end of March.

KAC/G&G replicas are characterized, among other things, by a durable G2 gearbox, a G2 mosfet and a trigger module called the "Electronic TriggerUnit (ETU)." The carbines will be available with barrels length of 7, 9 and 12 inches, anodized metal fronts in the M-LOK system, a hi-cap magazine holding 450 BBs and butt stock with 6 length settings. The battery cables are to be terminated with T-DEANS plugs! Which is great!


RWTV: Master Mike By Airsoft Innovations review

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Is the Master Mike what the Airsoft Innovations 40 Mike should have been?

RWTV: Master Mike By Airsoft Innovations review

Redwolf Marck investigates this new addition of the Airsoft Innovations family. He reviews the latest 40mm Gas BB Shower Shell from the Canadian airsoft company in this RedWolf Airsoft TV episode. The 40 Mike was maybe the most controversial product of 2018 within the airsoft industry, now they take another shot with the Master Mike! Because their Quantum Drive technology is really innovative in the area of Airsoft kaboom. This Master Mike certainly looks a bit more friendly and will definately suit better during Airsoft CQB gameplay.

"The 40 Master Mike is the kinder, gentler, more close quarters friendly followup to the 40 Mike, the MOST POWERFUL 40mm gas shell ever made! It features an effective spread of 10ft (3m) at a much shorter 20ft (6m) range, 100BB capacity, and fires every shot at 220fps - using their patented Quantum Drive Technology."

Launched at SHOT SHOW 2019, this new addition to the family seems to suit way better into our Airsoft usage. At least for CQB. The 40 Mike still comes in handy outdoors.

We will take a close look during IWA 2019. For those who can't wait to get their hands on it, check it out at the RedWolf Airsoft online store.


Specna Arms EDGE replicas for sale at Gunfire

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Specna Arms EDGE series in stock and ready for sale!

Specna Arms EDGE replicas for sale at Gunfire

The very anticipated product of this year, finally available at Gunfire! Specna Arms EDGE series of replicas is now in stock and for sale. This is a new quality in the Specna Arms product family. Manufactured under the license of the firearm producer Rock River Arms replicas are equipped with many innovative solutions.

The heart of the EDGE models is the brand new ORION Gearbox. It is based on the reinforced shell and equipped with a main spring release function. Inside the EDGE carbine, you will find a reinforced piston with full steel teeth, aluminum seal nozzle and steel gears. Specna Arms EDGE carbines have a built-in MOSFET X-ASR system provided by GATE! The highest quality MOSFET X-ASR unit will ensure the safety of the components, increase the trigger response and extend the life of the electronics and battery.

The new products from the EDGE line are also equipped with a new type of magazines, QD pistol grips as well as the Easy Spring Access system. Join us for the hottest airsoft release of this year! Get yourself Specna Arms EDGE replica and take your game to a higher level! A personal favorite of mine is the RRA SA-E14 EDGE™ CarbineRRA SA-E14 EDGE™ Carbine... :)


Try the new BB Finder for Airsoft

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Discover BBs from over 40 different brands to help you find where to buy them, local or worldwide.

Try the new BB Finder for Airsoft launched a really cool new search feature for us Airsofters! Check out their new "BB finder". The tool is inteded for every Airsoft player so they can easily find where to buy the BB products they are looking for. This functionality is in early beta (and on experimental basis) just like this website itself so improvements are being made constantly.

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