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X-Fire PDI Logo Here is the latest news from X-Fire PDI, Sales manager Tomo is back at his post over at PDI and send their latest updates:

1.VALVE KNOCKER / for WE G39 series This is the 1st upgrades for WE by PDI. We continue making upgrades! This parts is required by everyone,as you know really weak one.So we machined the Carbon steel,get high durability ! 


2.MUZZLE HOLDER You may is this adapter? This one changes your muzzle to accessory ! 14mm CCW,so if you have any extra muzzle,please attach it.And put it as you like.



Sales Manager 



PDI Japan: Trident Muzzle Brake

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Tomo from PDI Japan sent in some details regarding their Trident Muzzle Brake. It is amust have for all the tacticool snipers out there. It was designed for the M24 SWS, can be fitted onto the CA or PDI version of it. More, as usual right bellow...


Today I have a PDI new muzzle brake for Classic Army or PDI made M24 called Trident muzzle brake.

 PDI Trident Muzzle Brake

PDI make the REAL style to make up M24. esearched many real pictures & finally found this trident model but CA (or also PDI) M24 is used Bull Barrel style,so designed the muzzle to fit bull barrel.

More information is please access to SPRING LOCK.


PDI News update

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This is the latest news from PDI kindly provided by Tomo.

Here is PDI the latest upgrade information. Now we finished the development for TM L96 Cylinder Kit. Maybe within 2 or 3 days,we'll start to sell.


X-fire L96 Cylinder kit

These parts are all new developments:

1.Stainless steel all CNC machined.
2.Welded the boss & body.

SP guide
1.Stainless steel all CNC machined.
2.Come with a Delrin ring.
3.13mm Spring

1.Stainless steel(End) Duralmin(Head & body),Delrin(Ring) all CNC
2.13mm Spring

Cylinder head
1.Stainless steel all CNC machined.
2.Tapered process to be smooth airflow





PDI TM L96 AWS light outer barrel

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Tomo from PDI send in their latest news update, a new outer barrel for the Tokyo Marui L96 AWS. It's official name is the "light outer barrel". As we are used to with PDI, this item is high quality and all CNC machined. Check out the details below...


PDI TM L96 Light Outer Barrel

Here is our new product information for TM L96 AWS. It's called "LIGHT OUTER BARREL".

We know a problem if you change the muzzle,you need to extend the inner barrel or cut the outer barrel and do thread cutting cause original inner barrel doesn't be reached to muzzle. So we solve this one to make new shorter barrel. Of course,all CNC machined by MORISEIKI NL200YS


More information can be found at their website:


RealSword M16/M4 AEG/GBB confirmed!

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RealSword LogoAt IWA 2011 and on several news websites there were a lot of rumours about a new gearbox design of RealSword and complete new AEG's like the M16/M4 models. Those new models will be equipped with a completely new mechanism: the gearbox and engine are much more compact and reproduce the movement of the head as a GBBR through an elctro-magnetic system. This system completes with the Recoil System Shock.


Till today these where mainly rumours and prototypes, RealSword just confirmed these new models and send us the first exclusive looks  on their manuals. Check out the pictures below of the RS M4A1/RIS GBB model and the RS M16 A4 AEG: 


RealSword M16 manual
Click to enlarge...


RealSword M4 Manual
Click to enlarge...


The details are:


- True size, real weight, real balance, real incomplete disassembly

- Military training level gun body strenght

- Complete packed-in accessories

- Steel front sight and hole rear sight can be adjusted as the same way as real gun

- Handguard and stock made by Military specification high strenght polymer material

- Safety selector lever magazine release catch

- Steel bolt guard, hammer, etc. to ensure the operational life of the parts

- Steel muzzle device 14 mm CCW adaptable to all kinds of silencers

- Unfasten butt pin, disassembled by hand

- A CNC precessed RIS will be available to carry various tactical accessories

- Adjustable hop-up device

- 7075-T6 Duralumin forged receiver, CNC machined, hard coat anodizing finish.

- Powered by Gas makes shooting more true (GBB model). AEG will have a completely new designed RS T5 gearbox and will operate on Ni-MH and Li-poly

- Steel one piece barrel, chemistry complex film and black-oxide finish

- 30rds BB magazine

- FPS 395 with 0.20 BBs


This is all the information we have so far, no retail prices and no release dates yet! Please watch this page since we will update it for sure :)


Many thanks to RealSword to confirm this information to us. For those who missed RS on the IWA 2011 show:



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