Join the Airsoft Meetup At IWA!

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During IWA Outdoor Classics 2016! Register today!

Join the Airsoft Meetup At IWA!

After SHOT SHOW we now focus our attention on getting you to sign-up for the next big thing for the airsoft media, airsoft industry, and the airsoft community in the world ---- the annual Airsoft Meetup that will take place at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2016.

One of the biggest outdoor, hunting, and firearms trade events in the world, the IWA Outdoor Classics attracts tens of thousands trade visitors around the world with 41,748 visitors and 1,376 exhibitors last year. The airsoft industry has a significant presence at the IWA Outdoor Classics, in fact there are more airsoft exhibitors at the IWA Outdoor Classics than the SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

The Airsoft Meetup, initially organised by NLAIRSOFT.COM and Popular Airsoft, now has become a larger event in the calendar of must attend events in the airsoft world. With the European airsoft media supporting this, over the years, more attendees have attracted more industry presenters. This year will be our 5th anniversary edition!

If you will be at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2016, whether as an airsoft exhibitor, tactical gear exhibitor, or even as a real steel firearm exhibitor, you might want to attend the Airsoft Meetup to meet the airsoft media, mingle with the airsoft community, and know the latest in airsoft technologies. If you are a trade visitor curious about developments in airsoft, then the Airsoft Meetup is for you. 


Official licensed Glock G17 Airsoft version!

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Unfortunately only for MIL/LEO...

Official licensed Glock G17 Airsoft version!

We did write about Cybergun obtaining the GLOCK contract back in October 2015, unfortunately we figgered out this was only for specific market training needs. As confirmed by Cybergun.

Now Cybergun announced availability of this airsoft version to this specific market, the waiting starts for the official introduction into the Airsoft Market. Perhaps during IWA 2016? ;)


SHOT SHOW 2016 highlights!

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Check all airsoft highlights below!

SHOT SHOW 2016 highlights!

Next year we will visit the SHOT SHOW 2017 in person, due to our 15 years anniversary. This year we will provide you wiht a full wrap-up of the show. All Airsoft highlights you need to know are stated below: 

- KRISS Vector GEN II AEG (Still a prototype...)
- ASG Evo on Wolverine Inferno HPA
- Preview of the Zoxna mortar unit!
- KRYTAC Alpha SDP, Alpha CRB and Trident MK2
 Valken HPA AR-1 rifle (1800 rounds!)
- ICS BLE  Alpha Pistol series! and CXP-UK1 Captain Series!
- ASG CZ Bren 805 and the new ASG CZ Shadow pistol.
- Classic Army skirmish line of AEG's (Nylon Fibre AEGs)

- Redwolf GHK Blowback goodness and Agency Arms pistols!
- 30 years of G&G Armament and their new 2016 line-up including a range of AK74s with electronic triggers and the “Not a Honey Badger” rifle.

Guess that's it for this year! Did we miss something out there? Let us know in the comments! Check some cool video footage from Airsoftology in the links below...

Jan24 in search for new owner!

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Closing clearance sales! Quantities reaching zero! in search for new owner!

We were quite shocked with the news Airsplat is closing down and they are looking for a new owner at the moment. The company is on the market and they have yet to finalize on their new owner. 

In the mean while it's business as usual, with the difference all stock must leave Airsplat very very soon. So take your advantage people and check out their "closing sales". 


Begadi Exclusive Roedale and OMR License!

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Stay Tuned! Coming soon!

Begadi Exclusive Roedale and OMR License!

This is yet another Exclusive license deal from! Two gunsmiths (OMR and Roedale Precision)– one shop - an exciting cooperation... stay tuned! This seems to be a nice co-operation for Airsoft Snipers. Check out the video, really worth watching!

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